Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cell Towers in Our Midst

“If it is coincidence, then coincidence itself is only another word for a design intended by whatever force it is that shapes the fates of man.” -The Saga of the Renunciates by Marion Zimmer Bradley
According to John Butler, a professional dowser and healer, even the bees are reacting adversely to the energy being emitted by cell towers. Butler warns, “Geopathic stress lines can be detrimental to people’s health.” He adds, “Cell Towers’ emissions need to be neutralized, and I know how you can do it!” The Federal Communications Act of 1996 is helping with the widespread construction of cell phone antennas near homes, schools, and practically any place decided upon. The radiofrequency radiation emitted from the antennas is a serious cause for concern, especially because in the absence of a Humans’ Right to Health Act, the public does not have a strong voice. The presence of these towers is of special concern since so many of us rely on them to supply clear cell phone reception without considering possible effects on health. Shame on us for forgetting how to cope without a cell phone, or complaining when the reception is not the best. In 2006, residents of Dundee, Nebraska who opposed construction of these towers were told by a judge, “Fears of health hazards and decreased property values are not valid reasons to deny the permit [to erect a tower].” In this instance, residents’ concerns for their health were not a serious enough consideration to prevent the construction of a cell phone tower. Even National Parks are not exempt from the pervasive presence of cell phone towers. Now in Yellowstone, the sound of a cell phone ringing can be heard alongside of Old Faithful and the other sounds of nature. Some scientists have put the health risks into categories. For example, one biological engineer states that “Exposure can lead to disease similar to what people get when exposed to low frequency noise: mood swings, indigestion, ulcers and joint pain.” A half a mile from my home, a cell tower has just been erected. Federal law will not go against the construction of a cell tower based on health risks, probably believing that one more tower will not be noticed and its risks cannot be conclusively proven amidst other health risks (microwaving, florescent lighting, and chemical food additives to name a few.) There are ways to stay one step ahead of this new cell tower. For instance, last year, two neighbors and I took action to protect ourselves against unseen pollutants by setting up around our neighborhood a GeoResonator grid, which is made up of four little gold cards, or patches. GeoResonators are balancers of soil and the surrounding atmosphere. The information that comes with a set of four patches states, “The GeoResonators are designed to be placed in the ground to address imbalanced energies in the soil and earth. Each 2”x2” patch carries a vibrating information pattern that resonates with earth energy to help neutralize pollution, restore balance and support healthy biological processes in the land.” These four little patches are the answer for noxious vibrations, toxic ground currents and geopathic disturbances. The GeoResonators work well no matter whether they are buried on the same side of a busy street, or on opposite sides. I set up two more grids around our neighborhood. So now one grid is set up around my two friends’ homes and an elementary school (the tower is in the center of this grid). One grid is surrounding a middle school, and one grid is set up encompassing a huge area around my home, which is situated between the two schools. It is a relief to know that there are tools to help us combat the negative effects of technology on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I have noticed calmer personalities where these three grids have been established. Inquiring minds may want to experiment by placing one patch at the roots of a sick plant or tree, watering as usual, and seeing what happens. For more information, please contact John Butler at (315)498-9560 or visit his website at

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  1. Notice how tame that tower is compared to the many layered towers of today. Things keep getting worse.