Friday, August 26, 2011

AB 499: California’s Plot to Strip Parental Power

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Currently, kids are not allowed even to take an aspirin at school without written parent permission. However, if AB 499 becomes law, California’s kids aged twelve and older can accept a number of pharmaceuticals without their parent’s knowledge. Gardasil along with any vaccine advertised as preventing sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the Hepatitis B vaccination and medicines for HIV will be administered at the child’s request. Even some dental work will be performed without informing the parents. This bill will effectively remove parents from the examination room and, once again, line the pockets of Big Pharma, while possibly quietly harming children.

According to CCG Action, “They [Big Pharma] will profit from bypassing parents and coercing children into receiving the vaccines for certain STDs.” CCG Action also reports, incidentally, that Merck gave $500,000 to the American College of Gynecology last year and $100,000 this year. The connection between Merck and Assembly Member Atkins is that the American College of

Gynecology asked Atkins to write AB 499.

Atkins, a non-parent, is a Democrat in Assembly District 76 (San Diego, California) who was elected in 2010. One of the many committees she’s a member of is the Assembly Committee of Health. She hasn’t wasted much time in returning the favor to the medical profession which has helped to financially support her. According to Maplight, Health Professionals donated $54,999 to her campaign. Likewise, Pharmaceuticals and Health products contributed $10,746. The next three contributors of importance are the California Dental Association ($15,600), the California Medical Association ($8,800), and the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee ($8,550), and the Cooperative of American Physicians contributed $7,800. The AFSCME group contributed $7,800 twice. According to AFSCME’s website, the members are emergency dispatchers, home health workers, doctors of the elderly and disabled, as well as people of other professions. Clearly, the individual and group top ten contributors to Atkins have ties with pharmaceuticals, as well as to medical and dental interests.

According to Cap Wiz, “It [AB 499] will also provide significant protection to pedophiles who might be preying on children [b]y weakening California’s mandated reporter laws.” After all, if a twelve-year-old can legally show up in a doctor’s office requesting a vaccine to prevent STDs, it’s possible the child is engaging in sex. If the child is engaging in sex, someone is breaking another law. Cap Wiz points out that sex with a twelve year old is a felony, yet Atkins is proposing a law around the subject of sexually active minors. A minor who feels the threat of a possible disease and asks for the vaccine should be seen as a child crying out for help, not ignored because a law is in place to give them three doses of a shot. Cap Wiz writes, “How can a physician or nurse give a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease, or other professionals counsel a child on getting such a vaccine, without the child’s parents’ involvement, and obey the mandated reporter laws? We don’t know either, which is why we consider this bill to [be] the California Pedophile Protection Act of 2011.” Since it will be legal for a doctor to vaccinate the child without parent knowledge, chances are that that mandated reporting, as a whole, will cease to happen.

Citizen Speak is advocating the law in order to help homeless youths, especially child prostitutes. The law is aimed to help a small subgroup within the six percent young runaways─children who need help, not the right to say ‘yes’ to a harmful vaccine. Establishing a law that will affect ALL children, therefore, is overkill.

Senator Noreen Evans argues, “A lot of kids today do not have parents that are either capable or do take responsible care of them” (CCG Action). Her sentence is worded strangely. Perhaps because she knows what she is arguing is weak, because laws are in place to help kids of neglectful parents. Perhaps Evans is referring to a law needed against those parents who sign waivers instead of vaccinating their children. Perhaps AB 499 is intended to override the exemption law of California. After all, if AB 499 passes, parents will lose their right to decide what’s best for their children regarding STDs vaccines, HIV medication, and dental procedures.

An argument for this bill may be for when an educated youngster, who has been begging her parents to learn more about vaccines, avoid being forced to have Gardasil. With AB 499 in place, the parents won’t be able to force their ignorance onto the child, at least with some of the vaccinations. AB 499 might give the child the right to say 'no.' I say might because doctors can be powerfully persuasive. I sincerely doubt that a youngster, no matter how bright, can stand up to a forceful, manipulative doctor. I am a vaccination-educated adult who has performed at least twenty-three years of research. Yet I almost succumbed to the techniques (from flirting to bullying) of a few
doctors trying to get me to agree to vaccinations. AB 499 will place a child alone in a room with an authority figure that everyone is taught to respect and who knows more than we do about what’s best. Because children have less life experience, they are not likely to be able to say ‘no’ to a doctor’s propaganda. Fancy our Senators passing a law that places these tender young ones in the hands of Big Pharma and its cohorts.

CCG Action points out that the bill doesn’t state that children will be informed that Gardasil could cause death, and the bill doesn’t allow for parents to be informed that their child has received the vaccine. Without parents being aware that their children have had the Gardasil shot, parents won’t know why the child has become sick as a result of the vaccination. Also, a child might not know his or her own personal history regarding an adverse reaction to a Hepatitis B shot, for example, and may allow him or herself to be coerced into having the shot. If the child subsequently experiences an adverse reaction, parents will be unable to help their child in a timely manner. Who is held responsible, especially if the child dies? This may not only be a way of making money off the population and stripping parents of their parental rights, it may be a sneaky way to harm people undetected.

The moonlight and roses pamphlets the doctors hand to the children will leave the kids with the impression that they have permission to have sex because this shot will protect them. What the pamphlets will not say is how harmful Gardasil is. For example, according to
Pharmalot, “As of January 15, 2011, [Gardasil] had 21,171 adverse reactions and 91 deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.” While an adult might be aware of these statistics, what are the chances that a youngster will? Yet Senator Atkins is pushing this bill through, which will ensure even more children receive this shot. NVIC says, AB 499 “gives the government control over the health of our children!” Or is it that the government is gaining control over the creation of illnesses of our children? How many kids will read their pamphlets anyway? If a friend got the shot because it makes them look cool,and as if they’re having sex, then another kid might have the shot, too. Twelve is the age of doing what’s cool, not necessarily what’s best.

Minors deserve to have their parent’s guidance in medical matters. With AB 499; however, parents who have studied the adverse affects of vaccines will become powerless to stop the minor from getting a vaccine for sexually transmitted diseases, even if they’ve signed a vaccination waiver. Parents who are aware of the harm vaccines are capable of doing will be pushed aside by nurses who can show up at the child’s school with scary stories, and coerce the child into having the vaccine. Author Camiile Giglio reports on a fifteen year old, without a parent present, being bullied by a doctor into having the Gardisal shot, and this was without a law on the doctor’s side (Cap Wiz). Again, now more than ever, children need to be educated about vaccines and medical control, or else vaccines may kill and maim without anyone being the wiser.

A person needs to be over twenty-one in order to get a credit card over the phone, yet AB 499 ensures that a child can make a life and death decision regarding health care at the age of twelve. According to Cap Wiz, this absurd bill was moved to the Suspense File on August 15, 2011, to be heard again ten days later, when it will most likely move to the Senate floor quickly.

AB 499 is waiting for Governor Brown to officially make it a law, or to veto it. Please call, fax, and e-mail asking him to veto it. Thank-you!