Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teaser About Conneticut Slaughter

David Icke is informing the world that in the Dark Knight Rises movie, a map is seen with the words Sandy Hook on it.  It is very common for "the they" to have a teaser like this made public before they commit a crime.  For instance, in Painful Questions, a picture can be seen of two people holding a remote control and the Twin Buildings collapsing in the background.  That picture was published in July 2001.  Here, the teaser is placed where there is a tie-in with the Colorado slaughter earlier this year, because this is the movie they were watching at the time.

Here is the image supposedly taken from the Dark Knight Rises movie at 1:58:42 into the movie.  (I haven't seen the movie, so I have no idea if it's real, but I don't doubt David Icke, especially since his video clip showing it was taken down by Youtube personnel.  Also 1+5+8=14; the 14th.  So this clip may even be informing you when something is going to happen, not just where.)

Sandy Hook is written at the left on the map.

The close up can be seen on my wedsite's home page: www.chasnqi.com
, or in David Icke's newsletter.

When I heard about this latest slaughter of the innocent, I thought about how Holmes had a father who was testifying basically against the government.  I wondered what this latest supposed shooter's dad had done, in jest.  Information that researchers out there have uncovered can be Googled or Youtube searched with "Aurora & Conneticut Fathers to Testify".  It's interesting.

Those of us who rarely accept a story as told to us by the press do not mean any disrespect to the slain or to their families.  We just want the whole story to be given.  Since it's not, we feel we need to dig deeper.  Most of us see this as a little speck in the sand pit of what's really going on.  This isn't just about gun control, or getting us used to seeing uniformed, armed men all the time, either.


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