Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts on Western Medicine

In Oakland, California a thirteen-year-old girl will be taken off life support if the doctors have their way.  She was undergoing a procedure for apnea which included removing her tonsils and ended with her becoming brain dead.  The parents never dreamed that their child would be harmed during this procedure, or they wouldn’t have consented to it.  The hospital should have to pay for her life support until the parents are ready to end her life.  At the time the plug is pulled, does it go down as iatrogenic, death by doctor, or death by plug pulling?  Esoteric Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs will not kill you, along with many other balancing treatments that are available to you out there.  The treatments don’t mask symptoms, nor do they create new ones, yet, my insurance doesn’t cover me being able to choose my out of network acupuncturist and I have a costly PPO plan!   Perhaps her parents had their hands tied by their insurance company.  You to to who we say and do what they tell you!  Diet and lifestyle changes would have most definitely been addressed.  But, here too, responsibility falls on the patient.  Was it easier for these parents to allow a little snip snip here and there and a pill for x amount of days compared to starting to eat organic, whole, GMO-free foods, prepared with time and not by simply opening a package or going through Drive-thru?  This thirteen-year-old’s brain death stands as a wake-up call to us all.  Do you really want to trust the money-making machine with your life?
I was recently speaking with a perimenopausal female who is still menstruating and was placed on estrogen without progesterone.  Her heavy bleeding seems to me to be caused by estrogen dominance, yet her doctor is combating the problem with more estrogen!  This woman’s future will include the option of having an hysterectomy or endometrial ablation, two favorites of doctors who don’t have a clue about women’s health.  If you are a woman, do yourself a favor and read What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by Dr. Lee and find yourself a gynecologist who understands about saliva testing and progesterone cream.  Know yourself and know facts so you can force your doctor into an intelligent conversation.  If you feel they are not for you, move on.  I haven’t met a doctor yet who is comfortable with me being in charge of my health, who wants to take time with me, who will support a drug-free lifestyle with organic, whole foods as medicine, so I’m still looking.  I certainly wouldn’t allow any doctor I’ve met so far to place me on estrogen, nor to take my child’s tonsils out for apnea.  I haven’t met a doctor yet whose number one concern in that moment is me.

I heard that a pregnant nurse refused the flu shot and was subsequently fired.  It should be her whatever-is-left-of-the-Constitutional right to decline something that she deems harmful to her child.  This is a nurse I would love to have tending me in an hour of need.  Thinkers such as she is have no place in the money-making machine known as Western Medicine, though.  I recommend she contact the NVIC and ask for a list of doctors and researchers who would decline the flu shot.  I heard a researcher of the flu shot talking at one of their symposiums back in 2003 in Virginia and he said that he’d never take it nor give it to his family members when he’d allow other kinds of shots.  He would be a terrific witness to call to the stand in her fight against the injustice of her being fired.  Perhaps, though, she should find a more loving profession.  One that supports life and health and doesn’t make people wrong, belittling values, and destroying health.

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