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The Elite Spies are Listening

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Menwith Hill, England

Pine Gap, Australia

At the end of this, David poses a question about who is controlling world leaders and humanity. I feel it's the "priests" who infiltrated the peaceful communities worldwide and who started "history." They are mentioned in the last Ringing Cedars Series book. They are the puppeteers. They are turning up the heat, so I may as well post David's thoughts of long ago in case you are not aware. (Know that even the Pope can remove SB 277 with a swipe of his pen, but he is not a puppeteer.)
David Icke Newsletter, October 2nd 2011
"Hello all …
‘Mind the gap’ is a phrase delivered loudly and with a strange slow and deliberate delivery at many London underground stations, as in ‘mind the gap between the platform and the train, please’.

But this week I have been close to another ‘gap’ that is rather more sinister. I mean sinister, as in global importance sinister. We should ‘mind’ this ‘gap’ even more.

I have been in Australia for three weeks now and after amazing events in Perth in the west and the Gold Coast in the east I headed out in my only free week until almost Christmas on a trip to a place I have long wanted to visit – Uluru, better known to most outside of Australia by its colonial name, Ayers Rock.

The three day bus trip began in Alice Springs in the Northern Territories and a short drive from there is Pine Gap, one of the most significant underground facilities on the planet. It is located some twelve miles from the very centre of Australia and began operations in 1966.  

I was driven out to Pine Gap to get a ‘feel’ for the place. That is all you can really do, because you are told to turn back before you even see the entrance. We drove on past the turn-back sign until we could see the main gate, but even that is well forward of the facility itself.

I say facility – there is very little on the surface. I had a great view from my aircraft when I flew back to Alice Springs and all you can see are a series of ‘domes’ or ‘balls’ known as ‘radomes’, and a few buildings here and there. Everything else is underground and this ‘everything else’ is massive.

It is reckoned to go down at least 12 levels with long tunnels going out in all directions to who knows where. Work is obviously ongoing, too. A resident told me that enormous amounts of concrete are being delivered to the base at this time.

All of us in the car that got close enough to see the entrance had the same feeling of being drained of energy and experiencing headaches and I am sure we were either hit by some electromagnetic device or simply that an electromagnetic field is being beamed from the base into the near vicinity. Certainly for all of us to feel the same confirmed that one or the other is true.

The signs talk about a ‘joint’ defence facility with Australia, but that is nonsense. It is a United States (global cabal) operation on Australian soil and the ‘joint’ bit is just to hide the fact that the American military runs the show there and does whatever it likes.  Australians were not even allowed to be involved in the construction.

The Australian government and Australia in all its administrative and military forms are not allowed to know what goes on there in the most secret areas. Change the government? It doesn’t matter. Whoever is officially in power in Australia, Pine Gap goes on unchecked and unsupervised.

The agreement between the American and Australian governments does not commit America to revealing everything that goes on at Pine Gap, nor what discoveries have been made by the advanced research that goes on there.

Australians were told at first that it was a ‘weather station’ and then a ‘Space Research Centre’, but Prime Minister Gough Whitlam revealed in 1975 that the official head at Pine Gap was a CIA agent. Whitlam insisted that all CIA agents in Australia be made known and that was too much for the secret government to accept.

Whitlam was removed from office in November 1975 by the Queen’s representative in Australia, the deeply offensive Governor-General John Kerr, who was carrying out the orders of the country’s head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, in league with the CIA which funded and manipulated the ‘constitutional crisis’ that removed Whitlam.

The hundreds of staff at Pine Gap are all Americans in the key areas while there are some Australian liaison staff to give the impression of Australian involvement and federal police who live off base. They patrol the security fence with the American military.

It is a similar situation to Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, England, which is supposed to be a British Air Force facility. But while you have British personnel at the main entrance, the rest of Menwith Hill is completely controlled by America and everyone, even non-American visitors, is subject to US laws. Pine Gap is, like Menwith Hill, part of the Echelon surveillance system monitoring phone calls, emails and other communications worldwide.  

This surveillance includes the communications of political leaders who are supposed to be running their countries and, in theory, though not fact, having oversight of the very facilities that spy on them.
Everything the US personnel need at Pine Gap is flown in from the United States several times a week. They rarely leave the base and any locals in Alice Springs involved any way will not speak about what they see or experience.

Alice Springs itself, about 14 miles from the base, has a very strange atmosphere, almost surreal; and you can feel an ‘untold story’ vibrating in the energy field around you. It is a bit like walking through a sci-fi movie.

Pine Gap is definitely involved in the broadcasting of low frequency waves that can affect people mentally, emotionally and physically and also lock into human brain activity. This would explain the effect on those of us in the car, but those waves penetrate vast distances and not only around the facility itself.

Pine Gap is a key part of a global frequency field or ‘fence’ that is manipulating human perception and this also includes other US bases in Australia and around world. The HAARP facility in Alaska is fundamental to this and the network of bases and technology centres work as one unit to generate and maintain this frequency web.

Pine Gap is also a ground station for satellite communications in this region of the Earth and so much else. American military operations, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, are guided from there and supported by communication intercepts of ‘enemy’ commanders.

Even if an Australian government was opposed to a war involving the United States (highly unlikely) the military operations and mass murder would still be supported by American personnel working from beneath central Australia.

I suggest that another prime reason for the base is as an interface between the American military, various expressions of the National Security Agency (NSA) and extraterrestrials.

There is something about the ancient energy field of Australia that makes Pine Gap so important in the global network of underground bases. The immense energy field in the region around Uluru (Ayers Rock) is only 25 minutes away by aircraft and that will connect into the Earth energy grid in which Pine Gap operates.

There is a raw power in this enormous land mass that can be used and tapped into – this is why Australia is one of the Satanism capitals of the world.

Sightings of strange lights over Pine Gap are legion and the same with other ‘UFO’ activity around Alice Springs. Some who have got close enough to the base to see the facility through strong telescopes have reported seeing strange craft over the base and some sort of interaction with the ground through beams of light.

Aircraft passengers have reported seeing large white objects leaving the base at great speed and there are a number of reports of people seeing camouflaged doors opening in the hillsides and sometimes tube-like objects going inside.

People have no idea how close and advanced are the interactions and cooperation between the beyond government global cabal and non-human species of reptilian type and others, including the ‘Greys’.
It should also be emphasised that many craft called ‘extraterrestrial’ by onlookers are actually flown by humans and so sightings of advanced craft don’t always mean ‘off planet’. The scientific and technological cutting edge in these secret facilities is light-years in advance of what we are allowed to see in the public arena.

A government map-maker who camped near Pine Gap reported seeing an object hovering over the base at around a thousand feet. He estimated that the circular disc was up to six hundred feet in diameter and he said a blue light was beamed from the ground to the craft. This was joined by a beam of golden light.
The cartographer said he watched this for some 40 minutes, but when he told his boss in Alice Springs he said he was warned by aggressive officials that he would be in serious trouble if he talked about what he saw.

Five witnesses led by an employee of a government department in Western Australia were reported to have camped out for several nights to observe activity at Pine Gap with powerful telescopes after a tip off that something ‘big’ was going to happen there.

They saw nothing out of the ordinary for the first few nights, but then the action started. They said they saw vehicles and groups of people in overalls gathering near the radomes. Then a golden beam of light of great intensity several metres across was projected into the sky from the radome area. It appeared to generate stationary clouds and when the beam was cut the clouds drifted away.

Four objects described as ‘star-like’ then appeared together with a cigar-shaped craft which descended to some five hundred feet above the base. Blue beams began to flash between all of the craft and the ground. The observers said the craft appeared to be in communication with Pine Gap personnel.

Advanced craft are seen around many known underground bases, most notably Area 51 in Nevada which is far from the most important even though it is the most famous. Many of these bases operate as interfaces with non-humans, some in ‘physical form’ and others who come in energetic form as flashes of light and operate under the ground in technologically-generated atmospheres that suit them.

The Dulce base in New Mexico, located in similar terrain and temperature to Pine Gap, is another facility claimed to be an ‘alien’ interface where technological knowledge is passed on to serve the Control System on the surface.

The bases are strictly compartmentalised with each lower level requiring higher and higher security clearance. Personnel are even weighed in and weighed out to ensure that they don’t leave with anything that they didn’t bring in.

The Reptilians and Greys operate in the lower, most secure levels, and the lowest levels often connect into ancient tunnel and cavern systems which non-human entities have been using for aeons. Many of these bases are located in desert areas like Pine Gap, Dulce, Area 51 and the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in the Mojave Desert of California.

Reptilian genetic manipulation and their hybrid programme take place in many of these bases and horrific sights of hybrid experiments between humans and other species have been reported by ‘whisteblowers’ who are naturally ignored by the mainstream media.

I have driven around the China Lake facility a number of times and there is virtually nothing above ground compared with its land mass of 1.1 million acres and a reported staff of approximately 4,400 civilian employees and around 1,000 military personnel.

I have spoken with several people over the years who have described the extensive underground base and tunnel system at China Lake where Reptilians interact with US military and intelligence personnel. It is also a major centre for mind control programmes which is why you meet so many people in the area that remind you of Stepford Wives.

I would be very surprised if genetic engineering and human-Reptilian activity were not going on in the deep recesses of Pine Gap where anything could be happening and the outside world would never know.

There have been a number of protests against Pine Gap over what is alleged to go on there and its crucial role in America’s (the global cabal’s) war machine. This may not change anything, but at least the protests are being directed at the right location.

We see mass protests outside parliaments and other political gatherings, but they are just the here today, gone tomorrow politicians who mostly have absolutely no idea who is really controlling and directing global events. The real power is in the unseen realms – including underground bases.

If anyone still believes that there is no Hidden Hand at work, well here is a question. American presidents and politicians are not allowed to know what is really going on at US underground bases in America and around the world; British prime ministers and politicians are not allowed to know what is happening at British underground bases and American bases on UK soil like Menwith Hill; Australian prime ministers and politicians are not allowed to know what is happening at Australian underground bases and American bases on Australian soil like Pine Gap.

So what force is making the decisions about what happens at these facilities no matter who is theoretically in political power? Answer that, and you name the force that is really controlling global events."


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