Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two Jurisdictions Within Each State

A fictitious government that overlays a true law of the land would, could, and is harming the populace.  I cannot make you see what you do not want to see.  But I can show you something…

         Outward appearances for what is known as the United States of America is very different to the reality.  Each state is a country in and of itself, but an impostor District of Columbia is operating on the surface, overlapping with each country/territory of the state of the union.  (Read books published prior to the Civil War to see how people referred to their home states as countries.)  For just one example of something "the elite" have in place that you know nothing about is the General Post-office.  This is within that old-time jurisdiction and it may still be accessed.  The so-called elite, the-criminals-that-believe-they-be, made sure no-cost post would always be there and that others would pay for it instead of them.  For example, the USPS is the system which operates on the surface and you pay for it. They made sure of it by teaching you how to address an envelope during formal education...And I hope this "reveal" gets you to wonder what else you were taught in order for a certain reality to be hidden from your view.

         Physical snail prove that another post office exists and that I am not a conspiracy theorist in saying it is there.  Speaking of conspiracy...

I say, “The government is out to destroy you with mandating vaccines.”  Though these pharmaceuticals have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary, and are based on an outdated model of the immune system and only a theory related to pathogens, and though the population grows sicker, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

I say, “SMART meters are a military weapon that will pulse and weaken the walls of your homes and the cells of your bodies.”  Though there is a plethora of proof that Secret Militarized Armament Residential Technology is destroying our health, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

I say, “4G and 5G are end game technology.  Fourth Generation can cause low sperm counts and cancer.  Fifth Generation can manipulate your emotions or turn you to dust.”  Though there is a plethora of proof that this is basically Sky Net on your streets, I am called a conspiracy theorist.  "The government would never harm people," many have stated to me.

           But is this government what you think it is?

          When you stand in a courtroom, talk to a police officer who has pulled you over, travel with a passport, or have your kids vaccinated because legislation told you to do so, you are operating as a US citizen, a pawn to the District of Columbia as you were taught through TV programs, to name one method.  (Because, you see, just as you were taught to address an envelope in a certain way, you have been taught how courtrooms are run, et cetera.)  Writing letters of protest to an official within the fictitious system through their impostor mail service will not convince them to listen to you.  (I realize "impostor" sounds harsh when speaking of something we have warm, fuzzy feelings for and have always relied on, but it is a necessary description.)

          When you send post from outside the UNITED STATES from the country/territory of California, for instance, you are saying that you do not buy into the lies of a fictitious system and demand it to step aside to a just, persevering law of right action and treatment for all.  You are saying that they are perpetrating a foreign attack on you (for a fictitious government is an attack...not to mention mandated vaccines, SMART meters, and 4G/5G) and must stop according to their own legislation.  And, most of all, this is what the beauty of using this post-office has to offer us: proof that this other jurisdiction is someone must have hidden it...and that someone is the fictitious government, for it would have been someone or something who/that could have gained from it.

                                                Details on this envelope may be reached at this link:                    

            If the General Post-Office Judicial District is not there, then how come my post goes through it?


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    1. Thanks. It's funny that my research led me to this hidden jurisdiction and yet people tell me that my post must be going through for another reason. Another reason I have yet to find.

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