Friday, April 14, 2023

The Switch-a-Roo or Pull the Rug Out from Under Them Psychological Operation


Here is a simple script that is performed on humanity over and over: the switch-a-roo or Pull the Rug Out from Under Them psy-op. It has many faces as it has been used frequently in a variety of ways. Let me give you a gentler version as a first demonstration. In 1900, the color blue was for girls and the color pink was for boys. Back then, the normies were controlled into seeing pink as a strong, vibrant color (which it is) and therefore, it was perfect for boys. Blue was gentle and soft and therefore, for girls. Jump ahead roughly fifty years and it was switched to the opposite and the normies followed as was dictated to them. Draco Reptilians are just one group that are here getting off on such things. The energy, to me, transmits as lusty, like an erection that happens from power over another, not love.

Another script is the masks. In 2018 and before, average normies criticized those who would cover their faces either for religion or fear of something. By 2020, most living on Earth did just this. It was conveyed that it was the thing to do. A desperate mother would struggle to smother her child with a mask, with the child shaking his head, crying, trying to get free, only to lose and end up with a mask on….everyday. Draco Reps would harvest the energy. They would get what felt like a lusty erection over it. Humans are pawns and do what they’re told because they can be made to believe what the opponents to humanity want them to believe.

In my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I equate religion as a subliminal. The opponent actually uses religion in a “below consciousness” sort of way. While it’s true that higher frequency beings have always been here to support us (either as Genetic humans, physical-ish spiritoids, or aspects of a discarnate MultiSelf), and aspects of religions have truth at their core, religions were invented to Astrally tug at people; to control them, cause them elation, grief, and fear.  All through the Genetic human experience, there will be times when one religion is praised over others, when one religion will be demonized over others, when all will be praised and the non-religious guy will be demonized, and as now, where all religions will be demonized. As an example, recently, something happened where the Deli Lama was “seen” to be doing something inappropriate so that people would be Astrally tugged into outrage. Perhaps it was the Pope last week or some other religious figure the week before. Draco and company get off on watching people elated by their religion and then questioning it. This is a script. If humans cannot hold their Center, they will fall prey to these Games that are played by those following the same scripts over and over. The opponent manipulates humans into wanting and needing something only to tear it down later and watch humans trying to pick themselves up.

Movies and TV shows have been used to disclose what they do. They have shown you their technology and how a person may appear to be doing something that they’re not. They have informed you about mind control. They even showed you dogs moving their mouths while speaking perfect English! They showed you Wag the Dog, yet when it was pulled on the population, many didn’t see it. They inform you that they do the switch-a-roo or Pull the Rug Out from Under Them psy-op and you feel badly for the protagonist, without realizing disclosure of their scripts is occurring.

They get off on their scripts. How about giving them something that will throw them into confusion and off their game? One way is to not get into the drama they are establishing for you. Don’t appear to notice the ol’ switch-a-roo. Remain standing because you don’t need the rug and don’t care if they pulled it away.

Now, if an attack is directly happening to you, there are plenty of ideas of support out there for you. If it’s not happening to you and it’s something on a screen, whatever it is, pass it by as if it’s not happening. If you must, place the information on a shelf without being Astrally tugged into emotion. Stand in alignment with the Sound of Self. That is truly the best defense. If you lack the frequency to be able to do this, then simply get off social media and stop watching the news.

Just think what they have waiting for humans when they achieved all they achieved from 2020-present without proving an isolate of c*vid exists!


 An example:


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