Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Humans Have the Ability to Dowse

According to…Judy Jacka, N.D., “Dr. Robin Baker at the University of Manchester in England, has added to our understanding of the magnetic sense by locating a magnetic focus at the back of the nasal passage and just in front of the pituitary gland-the ethmoid sinus.” Jacka states that this means humans are indeed capable of internally locating magnetic north. We are like bees, birds, salamanders and fish!

Dowsers are people who usually use two metal rods in order to receive information. Information may be desired on where to locate water, or perhaps to learn about pathogenic Qi (energy) in an environment. The rods move and dip in response to the question. To outsiders, it may look as if the person is using their muscles to move the rods, when in reality the movement comes from a communication between the Earth and the magnetic sense of the Dowser. A pendulum, a weighted object at the base of a string, is another way to “dowse” for information. For example, a practitioner may gain knowledge about a person’s chakras by holding a pendulum over each chakra of a client who is lying down. Both the dowser using rods and the practitioner using a pendulum are utilizing their “magnetic sense.”

In The Vivaxis Connection, Jacka mentions a medical researcher named Robert Becker. Long ago Becker indicated “that the sophistication of modern instruments has revealed that living creatures are intimately related to the Earth’s geomagnetic field and derive vital and basic information from it.” Humans are living creatures. Jacka also refers to the work of a French scientist Professor Yves Rocard regarding the magnetic sense. Rocard claims to have located “magnetically sensitive points on the body,” such as brow ridges and the bony protuberance of some vertebrae. From Rocard’s point of view, in dowsing, these bones are “crucial receptors of information and energy.” The pineal gland and the “magnetic organ containing minute crystals of magnetite” are connected to the nervous system. This is the magnetic sense that makes humans able to dowse.

During Vivaxis exercises, a person will tap into their magnetic or dowsing sense in order to perform the techniques correctly. As with dowsing, tiny responses “in response to the question” occur in the nervous system of the person who performs the exercises. The question may have been an actual question held in the mind, or it may be a desired goal. At any rate, as with the rods and pendulum, the body part will transmit the response.

It is true that dowsing may be performed in a way that requires more of a psychic or Astral sense. Jacka feels that our ability to dowse is also related to our chakras, but since chakras reside in the Astral body, they are not considered further in this strictly physical look at dowsing. A psychic avenue is harder to document and defend. In The Vivaxis Connection, Jacka is focusing on the magnetic sense organ and the physical techniques associated with dowsing. This should help something as occult and strange as dowsing seem less out of the ordinary for those who are uncomfortable exploring outside the third dimension.

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