Thursday, October 15, 2015

Check List to Halt Diabetes

It is said that November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  This is what I'd suggest in order to increase the odds to remain a non-Diabetic as well as to reverse Diabetes. 

  • ·        Recognize that Western Medicine only knows how to do repair work that mostly involves drugs, so don’t ask only a doctor what can be done for the prevention and cure of any diabetic state.  See the doctor as ignorant if all he or she can do is offer drugs or Insulin.  Ask a variety of practitioners what they suggest.


  • ·        If you need Insulin, look into Dr. Dale’s products, because no hormone replacement should ever be taken.  Her homeopathic remedy is safe and effective along with a variety of herbal formulas that will address other imbalances such as a toxic and or deficient system.


  • ·        What are you eating?  No pesticides, non-irridated, non-GMOed foods that have Qi and are fresh should be sought.  Make sure that food from a box, can, or package doesn’t comprise much of your diet and make sure the label is not extensive.  The fewer words, the better.


  • ·        Where are you eating?  Restaurants may have pesticided, GMOed, irradiated foods that are not as fresh as you could possibly find in your own garden, for example.  The foods may have been imported from other countries and they may have even been sulphered.  Ice in ice machines is bacteria-laden, and it's not the beneficial kind.


  • ·        What are you doing while you are eating?  Being alone sometimes and chewing thoroughly, enjoying each bite as well as enjoying the company of someone who uplifts you are important.  Watching TV or reading while eating is not advised, nor is eating on the run.  Take time and enjoy eating.
  •         Who prepares your food on a daily basis?   The occasional fast food employee who hates his job will add dense vibrations to your food, but this is not a serious matter if you usually have your food prepared for you by a loved one who enjoys supporting the family.  Preparing and cooking for yourself is also a good idea.

  • ·        Do you exercise?  No, running for the cell phone does not constitute exercise.  Do you enjoy horseback riding, swinging on a swing at a park, dancing, or some of the obvious sports?  Find a way to make the experience enjoyable.  I enjoy long walks best when either accompanied by a friend, or while reading a book.

  • Stop getting vaccinations.  Like practically every health issue, Diabetes may be caused either by what vaccines do to your body through suppressing true immunity and true physiology, or by an ingredient within the vaccine adversely acting on your body.
  •         Is there sweetness in your life?  There are so many therapeutic modalities out there to assist you in integrating old hurts and resolving bitterness.  Find your bliss.  Where you work and with whom, may add to or take away from your health.
  •         Juicing non-pesticided, non-irridated, non-GMOed produce is also beneficial.  Organic sodium and other minerals are very tiny and powerful for our health.  When we juice and drink immediately, we absorb enzymes and such before they are altered.  Our body absorbs these nutrients effortlessly, creating more nutrition for our cells with which they may work, because, about a half hour later, we may eat, gaining even more nutrition.  Clean your produce with diluted 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide or ozone.
  •        Get outside and soak up some rays.  This doesn't mean lying out in the sun on an extremely hot day.  It means doing a sport for a few hours, or sometimes even being under a little shelter, but allowing rays to passively penetrate your naked eye.  It has been said that about twenty-four hours is required for the vitamin D from the sun to be synthesized by your body.  Perhaps, being for therapeutic reasons, the bathing should come before exposure to the sun, and not again for another twenty-four hours.

  •        Make sure your water is heavy metal-free.  Whether for bathing, showering, or drinking, you  don't want your H2O experience to be another version of a gas chamber or toxic in general.  Drink enough water by having a good, long drink a half hour before you eat or drink something else.  Get tools that will increase the vibrations of water, and consider making your water wetter by using Crystal Energy Flanagan Microclusters your water.

  •        Eat seasonally where you can.  Enjoy fermented foods.  get a copy of Real Food All Year by Nishanga Bliss, or other books and videos.  If you are reaching for a soda, you may be needing a pickle instead.

These are only a few ideas of the basics to preventing and maintaining a non-Diabetic state and great health in general.  Do not believe for a minute that Diabetes has no cure.  It's called responsibility and yes, it's a bear! 

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