Sunday, January 17, 2016

Depression’s Drug-less Answers

     Drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist do not help you.  If you’re on them, notice if your outlook on life has improved.  These drugs encourage violence and suicidal thoughts.  It’s not help.  Please go off them safely, slowly, and only after receiving other support.  Ask yourself if you are interested in life as you were prior to the depression.  Are drugs the answer?  Here’s links if you still believe there is science behind their use.  I'm hoping to convince you not to start on drugs.

     What I would do if I noticed that I was depressed, out of sorts, not wanting to go to work, not able to function as I used to do, is very different than most.  I see doctors as bent on making life long customers, as repairmen and repairwomen, but as incapable to encourage true emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance.  It seems to me, doctors don’t help, they hinder progression.

     Long ago, I had an experience with depression.  (Looking back, it could have been a psychic attack, but the technique I did stopped it in its tracks just the same.)  I knew about Conscious Connected Breathing and the philosophy of commanding yourself to feel what you’re already feeling and that it makes you feel powerful (   There I was feeling like I just didn’t care at all. My life meant nothing.  Nothing meant anything.  My true self was tied and gagged in the recesses of my being, in a crate, under a heavy buffalo rope.  Yet, there was this faint thought, that I am more than this hopeless feeling.  For whatever reason, I knew that I had the perfect opportunity to prove how wrong every stupid thing was that I had believed to be true.  I summoned all my strength that I really didn’t acknowledge was there and said, “I command myself to be depressed.”  That was it.  That was all I did.  I was commanding myself to be in the state that I was already in, yet, there it was, a giggle.  Way down deep that tied and gagged part of me felt the sunshine.  I said it again.  “I command myself to be depressed.”  My energy started awakening and grew into giggle-sparkles.  Suddenly, I was standing tall in myself and knew that I had gotten out from under this depression that was seemingly caused by something normal everydayish, and had taken over unbelievably fast.  In commanding myself to feel depression, I had not made myself wrong for it.  In that moment of acceptance, I had integrated the whole thing.  Well, what do you know…the philosophy had been true!

     Sometimes, it may not be so simple.  Sometimes, we actually have chemical assaults to our bodies and neurotransmitter interruptions that throw us off balance and into depression.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  That what we eat, breathe, inject into ourselves, and lack due to impaired healthy beneficial gut bacteria, can actually alter our moods.  Esoteric Acupuncture, Acutonics, physical cleanses and homeopathy, herbs and essential oils, exercise, socializing, and adjusting electronic and/or radiation poisoning, all can help us to reclaim what we’ve lost.  And you know what?  After you start taking an herb or having a treatment, you suddenly start to see clearly and start to know exactly what you need more of and less of in order to feel balanced.  The more balanced you become, the easier it is for your body to communicate its needs to you.

     Esoteric Acupuncture nurtures the basic important energy that supports the physical body, but it also creates multiple layers of energy and a Spin Field, which moves Qi with more force.  It balances all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  As Mikio Sankey says, “The frequencies created by the sequential activation of acupuncture sites during a treatment with any of the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture are designed to work with consciousness planes above the dense mental planes and to assist one to break out of constricting habits that keep us tied into an older, sometimes outdated way of viewing and living life” (Antahkarana, p. 47).   It creates a new energy that can attract higher experiences to us as well as cleaning the fogged up window we’ve been peeking out of.  The world actually looks brighter.  Yes, a house is a house just like your life situations are still life situations.  Let me put it this way.  If you stand with your nose against the house, what you see of the house is very different than what you see of the same house if you’re standing across the street.  Try Esoteric Acupuncture.  It can offer a different, though just as real view.

     Acutonics is tuning fork acupuncture and beyond.  You get all these groovy vibrations entering your Etheric and Physical bodies at acupoints, and the sound travels through the water that is you and it allows insights and balance.  You may intend for a specific result to come from the balance and something quite unexpected may happen-like all of a sudden you’ve quit smoking, but it’s nurturing, and a part of us really does crave the music of the spheres which is in these forks.  Drugs take you in the direction of Hell.  Acutonics offers you Heaven!

     Oh my goodness, when it comes to cleansing now a days, there are so many books, guides, and websites to help you.  You just have to find what fits your personality and condition.  Though the official time old liver cleanse is best done by stronger sorts, Dr. Dale’s programs target everyone, so it is the one I recommend.  The Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit is a 13 day detox that includes liver and gallbladder homeopathy, and herbs that address the kidneys, liver, colon, and body. It’s less than $300.  This is more ideal for people who are weak or have tried the oil, grapefruit, and malic acid method and now want something more whole body.  There are versions of this cleanse that can be accomplished at a slower pace if that suits your health and needs better.  The One Month Organic Slow Cleanse Kit is seven items that does the previous, but more slowly.  The Three Month Organic Slow Cleanse is 17 items for less than $900, and yes, there is a two month one as well.  Ideally for depression sufferers, in my opinion, is The Multi-Layer Cleanse Kit.  It is a homeopathic kit that addresses the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, colon, spleen, and pancreas, as well fear, anger, resentment, stuck/resistant, low self-esteem, rejection, and it cleanses the blood.  It’s under $130 for 6 items, and for an additional cost, it can be altered to address the endocrine system as well.  The Emotional Release Pack is 13 items, very similar to the previous kit except it also includes the bladder, heart, large and small intestines, stomach, thyroid, adrenals, as well as irritation, overwhelm, shock, trauma, stuckness, grief, vulnerability, disgust, despair, confusion, and paranoia.  It helps over-all balance for less than $400.  This is the Pack that I would recommend first and foremost before resorting to drugs.  The Emotional Release Pack may help you to be able to cleanse and to get yourself to acupuncture, and to be able to socialize.  Even just the Bowel Nosode Morgan Pure homeopathic remedy addresses suicidal tendencies and depression.  If it’s all you can do, it’s a start.  Dr. Dale’s products are organic, GMO-free, Magnesium Stearate-free, and vegan where applicable. 

     Seek either a Western herbalist or an acupuncturist for herbs.  We know how to write formulas that can help you.  If you prefer pills, we have herbal pills.  Herbs have temperatures, for example, the Western herb Goldenseal is very cold.  We know how to lessen the natural cold temperature of herbs by placing them in formulas that are more warming as well as choosing another herb that better suits your constitution.  Essential oils are amazing and may be taken internally as well as smelling and placing on acupoints.  Again, seek the assistance of someone who is trained in Essential Oils.  I can only speak for Snowlotus.  To me, they are the best.  Just smelling an oil can change your outlook.  Remember, the house is still the house, but, wow!

     What movement brings you joy?  You may like walking, running, or cycling, but you may also enjoy swinging as a child at a park.  You may enjoy doing Fluidity, but ice-skating, salsa dancing, or Insanity might be more your style.  Whatever it is, work it out so that, for starters, you at least get to move three times a week.  See what you can do about increasing it once you feel out of your slump.  Also remember, if the rebound machine (trampoline) is all you can do, that you’re at least moving your lymph, so that’s a start.  Put your energy and attention into the joyfulness of the doing.  Don’t judge your performance or your level.  Just do for doings sake.

     By socializing, I mean therapeutic socializing.  What this doesn’t mean is going out with your buddies to a bar and getting drunk off your ass.  I mean surrounding yourself with loving, non-attacking kinds of people.  Play board games or Rumikub.  Have meaningful fun without electronic devices.  Have a pot luck, or ask a friend to host a get-together if you need baby steps.  Your friends are there to support you through your tough time.

     Electromagnetic poisoning and radiation overwhelm may also be affecting you.  If you work at a jobsite with constant Wi-Fi and drive an electric car, for example, you may need to acknowledge this before knowing true balance.  SafeSpace is a company that makes protection for homes, computers, and phones.  Also, no human on Earth in 2016 can be radiation-free without actively doing something about it.  Brands of iodine made for combating radiation exist, as well as other options.  Dr. Dale also has a Radiation Protection/Detox Pack which includes 3 items, BioIodine and 2 homeopathic remedies, for under $90.  The Thyroid Rescue Protocol Pack may also be indicated.  It supports cleansing and building with cell ready minerals and homeopathy.

It’s ok to access a tool.  Just know that the white-coated gods offer no competent tool.  Whatever natural step you can take today, you will be so much closer to being yourself tomorrow. 



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