Sunday, January 10, 2016

Detoxing Chemicals

Chemical toxins affect all of us differently.  One thing is for certain: if we want to be as chemical-free as possible, there is no living in industrialized countries in 2016 without consciously protecting ourselves.  Pesticides are estrogens and they harm men and women alike, for example.  A form of detoxing begins the minute we stop ingesting that food, beverage, or drug that is the culprit sabotaging our daily health regime.  Whether it is potato chips, a couple of beers, caffeine or heroine, if it suppresses an emotion, a feeling, or a physical dislike, it is stopping us from moving forward.  The second we put ourselves on a gentle restriction of that item, without replacing it with another suppressor, emotions, feelings, and physical dislikes may rear their heads so we can address the issues behind them.  Eventually, that food, beverage, or drug will become something that no longer has a charge for us. 

Detoxing gently is the key.  If you’re stopping ingesting the culprit alone, without any other detoxing tools, a check made on the back of a calendar can show all the times you went without, and it can be compared to the next year’s calendar.  You’ll see less and less checks until finally, there is no need, as there is no charge around the culprit.  However, sometimes, there is no luxury of time.  The issues needing to be addressed may even be life threatening.  For instance, if you are a woman of peri-menopausal age and haven’t noticed that you’re bleeding heavily, but have noticed that you’re reaching for one large bag of potato chips everyday—when recently, potato chips weren’t even appealing to you—an electrolyte imbalance may be calling out to you, which needs prompt action.  In this scenario, noticing the problem and then fixing it will take away the craving.  Detoxing in a timely manner with the help of tools may be preferred, especially when addressing physical chemical toxicity.  One method is to support deficiencies while releasing these chemicals.  With the following list of Dr. Dale protocols that I use when working with Dr. Dale, I make certain to mention that Mercury homeopathy cannot be used until a person has seen a biological holistic dentist first to have all mercury dental work removed.  Again, it is important to be certain there is no medical mercury product in your body before using the Mercury homeopathy.

A saliva test is a nice way to start, because then you know exactly what hormonal imbalances and parasitic infections may be going on as well as having a test to compare to a new test when you feel well.  Chronic Fatigue, Migraine, and Endometriosis sufferers should definitely invest in a complete saliva test since certain hormonal imbalances and pathogenic factors may vary between fellow sufferers. If you know that simply detoxing from chemicals and toxic fat is all you wish to do, then that is certainly an option.

If any of the following interest you, please contact me for more information.  Blood Clot Pack, Hypoglycemia and Diabetes Blood Sugar Pack, Bone Building Pack, Candida Fungus & Mold Kit, Chem Trail Pack, which we all need, but know that it includes the Mercury homeopathy, Cholesterol/Lipids Pack, which is a 30 day protocol that is followed up with further herbal support, Digestive Pack, Emotional Release Pack, Endo/Fibroid/Cyst Pack, Hair Loss Pack, Hormone Rejuvenation Packs for men and women, Joint Pack, Meta Memory Kit, which addresses the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway that may have been affected by heavy metal toxicity, Radiation Protection/Detox Pack, Thyroid Rescue Protocol Pack, and the Weight Loss/Obesity Pack are a few.  The following are also available to help you to detox:

The Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit is a 13 day detox that includes liver and gallbladder homeopathy, and herbs that address the kidneys, liver, colon, and body. It’s less than $300, but in my opinion, this is a more gentle way to cleanse than the liver/gallbladder stone cleanses done at home.  This is more ideal for people who are weak or have tried the oil, grapefruit, and malic acid method and now want something more whole body.  There are versions of this cleanse that can be accomplished at a slower pace if that suits your health and needs better.  The One Month Organic Slow Cleanse Kit is seven items that does the previous, but more slowly.  The Three Month Organic Slow Cleanse is 17 items for less than $900, and yes, there is a two month one as well.

The Multi-Layer Cleanse Kit is a homeopathic kit that addresses the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, colon, spleen, and pancreas, as well fear, anger, resentment, stuck/resistant, low self-esteem, rejection, and it cleanses the blood.  It’s under $130 and for an additional cost, it can be altered to address the endocrine system as well. The Emotional Release Pack is 13 items, very similar to the previous kit except it also includes the bladder, heart, large and small intestines, stomach, thyroid, adrenals, as well as irritation, overwhelm, shock, trauma, stuckness, grief, vulnerability, disgust, despair, confusion, and paranoia.  It helps over-all balance for less than $400. 

The Allergy Pack is four separate homeopathic remedies that address phenols and chemical additives in food, hay fever, pollens, mold allergens, and respiratory problems like asthma.  This pack is $120.  If you or your children receive vaccines, this will be most helpful since the DNA of humans and animals within the vaccines leads to allergies in most recipients of vaccines. 

The Mercury Detox Pack has homeopathy and herbs including the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway formula that opens up the pathway so that heavy metals and chemicals causing  neurological problems can be released from the brain as well as to stimulate glutathione production. Three packs are recommended.  Each pack costs under $400.

The Bug Pack addresses the biofilm that protects parasites as well as a variety of parasites including Toxoplasmosis, Cholera, and Malaria.  This protocol addresses the inflammation and blood clots that may be involved in the imbalance.  Emotional issues such as anger, frustration, and resentment are also supported to be integrated.  The kidneys, liver, colon, and whole body are cleansed.  For less than $500, which is equivalent to me going to a Western doctor 5 times for 20 minutes each time to get a PBE signed, you can have a huge, positive effect on your health and start toward having true energy and well-being.  Parasites defecate in your blood, so to speak.  Not having that anymore alone is enough to help your body to not have to work so hard.

Dr. Dale’s products are organic, GMO-free, Magnesium Stearate-free, and vegan where applicable. Lyme disease, whooping cough, and herpes are a few examples of diseases that homeopathy can address.  BioTox Vi, Bio Tox Bac 1, 2, and 3, and other formulas are available to help go after fresh pathogens as well as latent ones, for example, if you had the polio shot 40 years ago.  When your body knows balance, current chemical attacks can be recognized and addressed promptly.
Also, oil pull with detox mouth oil pulling formula, swishing for 15 minutes without swallowing. Spit into trash.

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