Sunday, October 13, 2019

Those Who Remember

When I was ten days old, I flipped onto my tummy, shocking my mother who attempted to explain to me that I was too young to be able to do that.  A sentence repeated when at six weeks, I rolled off a table as my sixteen month old sister distracted my mother.

I can tell you that I remembered how it felt to lie on my tummy and had been working on it for several days.  Part of the problem of being in a new body is that the muscles are weak, the bones are not strong, and synapse connections have not been established, so in visualizing the move you wish to make, you train your body to follow the blueprint and then you may accomplish it.

If you can recall that you are Light and that you can make a desired blueprint for your body, you will not continue being a slave to Western Medicine or to the system outside of pretending as if on a stage.

Fifth Generation may include technology to interfere with your physical focus of directing your Light.  Fifth generation is not necessarily intended for the masses beyond turning their bodies to dust for easy disposal, but it may be to stop those who remember.

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