Sunday, October 13, 2019

Letter to Gov Newsom & Congresswoman Waters

To Governor Newsom and Congresswoman Waters.

I am writing to request that you stop 4G towers and 5G antennas from being erected in California.  The planning commission of L. A. City sent me a letter dated September 30 where they stated, “After several attempts, the HAPC was unable to have the item [my appeal of cell tower citing abuse] scheduled prior to July 21, 2019 [the last day for the HAPC to act] due to lack of quorum.  DCP attempted to obtain an extension of time from the applicant [cell company], but they did not grant the necessary extension.”  That is the equivalent to “Go to your room!”  “No, I decided I don’t want to.”  It is inappropriate, regarding something as dangerous to us and to the environment as 4G towers and 5G antennas, that the cell company involved has the power to say no to a hearing, no matter the excuses.  You need to please set an example and stand up for living men against Section 704 and this corruption.  Public Safety is supposed to be of the utmost importance when you use it in relation to infections where money is involved with pharmaceuticals, but not 5G?
Firstly, a lack of quorum translates to members of our local planning commissions in California not feeling it a worthy investment of their time to listen to their communities.  If attempts are actually made, then that means that worker after worker says, “No thank-you.  I don’t want to.  I can’t.  My schedule is too busy to listen to a community member.  I could waste time listening and voting no, so I’ll save myself time in voting no by not going.”  Any worker who does not want to attend meetings with the community needs to step down; quit.  Their letter to me proves that our planning commission staffs are inept and uncaring.  But your decision to protect us could make their involvement in this abuse obsolete.  

Secondly, in the letter, it said, “The Zoning Administrator’s determination approved plans to permit a Conditional Use of the construction and installation of a new unmanned wireless telecommunication facility disguised as a 54-foot mono-eucalyptus tree [as if there are real eucalyptus trees in our area], and determined based on the whole of the administrative record, that the Project is exempt from CEQA pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Article 19, Section 15303 (New Construction) of the California Public Resources Code and there is no substantial evidence demonstrating that an exemption to a categorical exemption pursuant to CEQA Guidelines, Section 15300.2 applies.” But they forgot to inform me what they are basing that statement on about no evidence.  They cited no proof.  I would have looked into the researchers of their so-called proof and would have seen who funded their statement that 4G cell towers that may also go to 5G are not dangerous to the environment.  Further, Conditional Use means property may be used in a manner not intended, but that does not include abusing the community.

Common Applicable LAFC CEQA Exemptions 15061 states, “The activity is covered by the general rule that CEQA applies only to projects which have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment.” Governor Newsom, you need to show evidence of safety if this project of erecting 4G towers and 5G antennas in California is not to be CEQA exempt, especially in light of the U.S. Appeals Court’s decision about 5G (

Lastly, your duty is to protect us, not serve us up to some agenda.  The bottom line is that with all the 4G towers and 5G antennas that I see erected while you turn a blind eye, you are complicit in a crime.  For example, in doing nothing, you are giving every businessperson permission to abuse the employees of that business where a cell tower now stands.  The businessperson will earn almost $5,000/month in coercion money from the cell company, so is consciously allowing harm to him or herself.  But informed consent has not been given to the employees.  Even if it had been given, there is California legislation in place to protect employees from abusive actions on the worksite and international legislation in place to protect individuals from military attacks such as 5G. 
If you have been told about Section 704, let me tell you that it is simply a way to bully and harm with federal words on paper as seeming permission for you to express helplessness.  People who have sold their souls against humanity are energetically putting out that it is acceptable to spy on, to manipulate, and to destroy masses of life within what is called California.  In doing that, these ones are putting out that it is acceptable to be done to themselves.  It is time humans put out energetic vibrations of love, acceptance, and caring.  Then this may rebound and be experienced. It starts with you.
Those who reside on the land known as California—living men, birds, bees, and other lifestreams—see what you are not doing throughout what you think is only your jurisdiction and are asking you to start getting involved in the halting of this weapon.  It is not too late for you to question, nor to embrace answers and to act.  Thank-you so much.

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