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Envelope Markings Explained

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My reasons for using the Judicial District instead of paying de facto reserve notes is: to show Genetic-humans that there is another jurisdiction so what is there that you can’t see? And, using de facto reserve notes perpetuates the fraud. And, I conduct court through the post with Registered mail with my cancelled signature making this the highest post, in my opinion.

Do this at your own risk.  Know from what heart you are doing this if you choose to do it.

Note: In 2022, many officials everywhere blatantly behaved unlawfully in many areas. The General Post-office was no exception. Please add this to your envelopes. 

"18 U.S. Code § 1703 - Delay or destruction of mail.",%281%29%20%28B%29%2C%20Sept.%2013%2C%201994%2C%20108%20Stat.%202146.%29

The following applies for you no matter where you reside on Earth. (except South Africa no longer has a post office)  Your post codes may vary, but basically you are stating that you are not within the far-reaching District of Columbia.

The Receiver/Addressee Information:
You place the name in brackets to take it off the page.  I place colons in front of each name because Wynn said it makes me a noun.  I use the copyright symbol, because I am not a name, but this mark is my emblem to inform people that I am speaking through this that I have posted.  You have to place the General Post Office as your desired place for this post to start its journey, because you do not want to go through the puppet United States Postal Service (USPS).  Judicial District is off the page, so they can deny anything is there…Meaning…they are not there.  They are hidden and wish to remain so.  Non-Domestic, zip exempt is important, because you want to be outside the District of Columbia.  I forgot this on a letter to the Pope, and it came back asking me for $1.15.  Remember this is using the USPS.  Without UNITED STATES equals outside the corporation known as the United States. This is important, because here in California, I am writing from a country within the states of the union.

The Sender:
Usually in blue, but black is acceptable, I write details on the International Mail Manual, even though I have acknowledged the UPU within the stamp.

The “Stamp”:
You become the postmaster, judge, banker when you sign here in red.  No brackets used, because you do not want to take your signature off the page.  There is a rabbit hole waiting for you related to being a postmaster.  I feel this is key to travelling without identification (passport or driver’s license).  On Her Majesty’s Service (O. H. M. S.) is revealing about the queen’s involvement. The UPU is The Universal Postal Union, an international organization that coordinates postal policies among member nations, as well as the worldwide postal system.

From“Article RL 114 Prepayment.  Methods of denoting payment 1 Principle 1.1  As a general rule, items shall be fully prepaid by the sender. 2 Methods of denoting prepayment 2.1 Prepayment shall be denoted by means of any one of the following methods: 2.1.1 postage stamps printed on or affixed to the items and valid in the member country of origin; 2.1.2 postal prepayment impressions valid in the member country of origin and dispensed by automatic vending machines installed by designated operators of origin; 2.1.3 impressions of officially approved franking machines valid in the country of origin, operating under the direct supervision of the designated operator of origin; 2.1.4 impressions made by a printing press or other printing or stamping process when such a system is authorized by the regulations of the designated operator of origin. 2.2 Items may also be provided with an indication that full postage has been prepaid, for example, "Taxe perçue" ("Postage paid"). This indication shall appear in the top righthand part of the address side and be authenticated by a date-stamp impression of the office of origin. In the case of unpaid or underpaid items, the impression of the office which prepaid the item or made up the postage on it shall be applied opposite this indication.


I write Foreign Office of Origin in blue and date it.  I am writing from outside the District of Columbia, outside the system, so it is foreign.  I am also being my own being within my own country, so am foreign.

9/13/21 added
My cousin in South Africa informed me there is no post anymore.  Couriers may be hired.  I sent a pre-paid letter to South Africa and ten months later, it came back to me.  It seems true.

And even when I did everything correctly, it seems the Pope refused to receive a letter from a private, living man.  It came back.

Make labels then it's easier with all the letters you write.

Go ahead. Right now. Search what's written in blue here. I once had a manager at a postal office do this on his own work computer. He could not believe it.

Get a stack of tracking slips from the post office and place them underneath the blue writing on the left hand side of the envelope. I cut off the United States Postal Service...All that blue and red part, I cut that off.

 Even though when we send letters like this, we are international to the District of Columbia, when you are sending a letter to one of the 50 states of the Union, you can use this kind of tracking... provided you are mailing it from one of the 50 states.

When I choose to walk into a post office and hand a package or letter (that has my signature as the stamp on it) to the worker behind the counter, they have received it before they even look at it. If they start to say anything at all about how strange it is and they try to hand it back to me, I simply say that it's a federal offense to obstruct the delivery of mail. "You have taken it. You have to send it." That's all I say. (18 US Code 1701. Basically the obstruction of the delivery of mail may result in a fine, imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.)

Some claim that purchasing stamps from the USPS is contributing to the fraud of the defacto system. I have two main reasons for using the General post-office. I want to be seen as private living man when I write to the defacto agents of the government. I want to show people who call me names (such as a conspiracy theorist) that there really is another district there because I can actually send post through it and prove it's there.

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  2. I am an American State National, a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly - and I am researching how to send post through the process Taxe Percue. I've watched a couple of videos and was referred to your blog, and as your article is relatively recent I thought I would write to you. Is it possible to speak to you about this process? I am researching for the entire Pennsylvania Assembly. Please let me know how I may begin communication with you so I can overstand this information. Thank you.

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  3. Thank you for your effort in sharing this information. It is much appreciated. Could you please upload a higher resolution image of your example envelope? It is difficult to make out the details. Thank you.

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