Sunday, November 1, 2020

Reality of Terrain


[Some people are under the impression that terrain reality is a theory alongside Germ Theory.

Germ Theory was a concept that was hijacked by Pasteur from Bechamp and was promoted by commercialized science.

Let's use this chart as a lesson on how awesome the human body is and how what are called contagions are not where the focus should be.

It is true that people who are living in Self recognize that it is great to interact with other people's microbiome and swap microbiome. But the idea of exposing yourself to germs, is part of the myth that commercialized science put forward in order to enslave people with Western Medicine and their drugs and vaccines.

You see, what people are calling germs can be thought of as microzymases. Something only becomes a pathogen when it is in a terrain that allows it to go in that direction. It is being fed by something about that terrain. When that microzymas comes in contact with a terrain that holds it at bay, it stays non-pathogenic.

It is true that only people who follow the religion of Germ Theory fear people, the air, surfaces, everything! When you're standing in Self, you're not even thinking about fear. You're thinking about life! You're thinking about bliss and joy. In order to get the Western Medicine model going, they needed people to be in fear so they needed to propagandize the whole world with Germ Theory every second of the day to saturate your consciousness with it.

By 1908, the year Bechamp died, he was so sad by how successful this Germ Theory psy-op had already become.

Someone standing in Self does embrace the natural and external worlds. 

Someone standing in Self is adaptable and doesn't even worry about that doesn't even think about that. You don't sit there and think about your heart beating and you don't have to think about being safe.

Just Be.]

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