Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Adhesion Contract

The first time I used my social security number/card was when I was an extra in a movie later called Losing It. (At first, it was simply Tijuana.)  I had to use that card: "Take it or leave it."  I had no idea what I lost when I used that card. How appropriate that it was for a movie called Losing It!  (Yes, I worked with Tom Cruise before the nose job...and probably before a lot of "take over.")  Anyway, did you catch that?  Take it or leave it is manipulation. It is not unconditional love, moon-light and roses. It is the adhesion contract. It is a contract. It moved me out of common law...although, in using dollars instead of gold and silver, I was already way on my journey out of common law.

Now, I perhaps could have tweaked it so that social security still got to take their greedy share to do with it as they would, without me benefiting, but that would have required a conversation with the employer, not a casting director named Nancy Mott. Why would anyone want to bargain with a kid anyway? 

As an adult, I still used that number. It would require a unilateral recision of the contract that they would ignore, hoping that one day I would use it again. But I would continue to leave it...if I ever rescinded the adhesion contract, that is.

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