Sunday, May 12, 2019

Appeal Paperwork to Stop Cell Tower To Be Erected

"I am appealing the decision to allow a (name of mobile/cell phone company) cell tower to stand on (street name) near my home, because cell towers emit radiation and are able to go to 5G, which is millimeter waves (like an airport scanner) and they have been proven harmful.  Cell towers are a display of force that give me reason to fear and expect immediate bodily harm.

I am aware of Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, but I know according to the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2) of the United States Constitution, federal laws are only the 'Supreme Law of the Land' so long as the federal law in question is valid, i. e. Constitutional.  Section 704, which states that state and local governments cannot interfere with wireless facilities 'on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions' is unconstitutional, therefore California’s criminal code, as well as the U.S. Penal Code stand supreme against Section 704.

Assault is illegal in California.  Black’s Law Dictionary (5th Ed.) defines assault as, 'Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the person of another, when coupled with an apparent present ability to do so, and any intentional display of force such as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm.'  Countless planning commissioners have heard countless testimony about the harms of cell towers and have ignored it due to Section 704.  Black’s Law continues.  'An assault may be committed without actually touching, or striking, or doing bodily harm, to the person of another.'  You will be harming us with your decision to allow a tower that will go 5G near my house, even without standing there yourself.

Irradiating the public goes against Chapter 5 Article 6 (Public Safety) of the Public Health Code. Health and Safety Code, Article 9 mentions air sanitation.  The surrounding air needs to be considered in light of 'health, illness, irritation on the senses, and death of human beings.' Radiation traveling in our air falls under this.  The California Civil Code (Right of Protection, 43) states, 'Besides the personal rights mentioned in government codes, every person has, provided by the law, the right of protection from bodily harm and injury to his personal relations.'  

Fifth Generation (5G) causes miscarriages, which also goes against the civil code 43.1: 'A child conceived, but not yet born is deemed an existing person.'  It is unconstitutional to follow a federal law that says we cannot fight for unborn children.

I am aggrieved by your decision to allow a cell tower near my home, because of known health threats such as cell damage, and by your blatant disregard to human health all because of a piece of paper with Section 704 written on it as if humans do not matter!

I believe any decision-maker who places government authority over living men is making a grave mistake that all of humanity will pay for."

At the hearing, my neighbors and I will hold signed papers from various health care practitioners that state that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our health.  I will submit a request about altering their intentions to be in alignment with the good of the people.  "You are now aware," we will say by way of warning.

I just found this yesterday.  Awesome.  It was Max Igan mentioning Ray's ideas on air that inspired my appeal.

Follow up:

Okay everyone, let me enlighten you about those in power in the USA when they know they are going to lose at a hearing…

Los Angeles is far more corrupt than I ever could have imagined.  And believe me, I see legislators as evil personified.  I had thought that of the five from the planning commission who would be at the hearing because I appealed the decision for a cell tower to be built one block from my home, that three would vote for the cell tower being built no matter what any of us had to say.
It’s far worse than that. Basically, the fox is guarding the hen house. 

They only give you the appeal option when they tell you they’ve decided to allow a cell tower, because they’re so damn sure they’re going to win.  It’s all for show.  But Ray Bromhall’s tactics are scaring them. 

When you write an appeal letter like I did…which I will post as a comment below this one…they start to think that they won’t win.  Guess how simple it is NOT to hold a hearing.  Be like Theodore I., the zoning administrator for my area, and don’t schedule the hearing with the planning commissioner’s office in a timely manner, even though people like me are constantly calling and asking about it. 

Because Theodore did not schedule the hearing, the decision reverts back to the decision that Theodore made back in May.  He wrote back in May that he is going ahead with allowing a cell tower to be placed one block from my house.  Did you get that?  If he has even a small doubt that the planning commission will vote as he hopes…that’s why I think his office or he personally gets a payoff…he can simply not set up a hearing!!!

With these criminals since the beginning, I have been given the run around and have been lied to often.  I even heard from one person that the hearing had been tentatively scheduled for Aug 6, but that Justin from Verizon did not like the date.  I haven’t received an official letter informing me that the zoning administrator’s formal decision stands, but that’s what the planning commission’s office just told me.  I will try to call Theodore.  I will try to get my money back (for appealing), but not until I see them constructing the tower because this may be a ploy to get me to cancel my appeal.

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