Sunday, May 26, 2019

Doctor’s Support to Stop 5G

First of all, to clarify about 5G.  Fourth generation cell towers will go 5G as soon as the-criminal-that-believe-they-be are ready to turn 5G on.  Secondly, there will be smaller posts and places with 5G antennas on them closer to each other than there are towers right now.  If we can stop the cell towers, we can stop 5G.  If you don't know why we should stop a military-grade weapon, then go research and come back later.  This article is to help you when you receive a letter informing you a cell tower is to go up near your home or you are already up to fighting the arrogant planning commissioner of your city.

In order to use getting a restraining order against the parties involved with constructing a cell tower, you need to develop a reasonable fear that this tower is going to harm you.  Go to your medical doctor.  Ask, “Doctor, does electrical-magnetic radiation cause harm?”    If this professional knows the answer is yes, great.  Have a letter drawn up stating so. If the doctor answers, “Depends…”  Take notes on what he or she is saying. The first thing we need is a letter from a doctor informing those concerned that this professional recognizes that electro-magnetic radiation will harm his or her patient, namely…you.

Having a doctor’s note removes the science.  Remember, the courts see science as subjective because the pro-tower side can also bring in experts that can say otherwise.  This is known as subjective.  (Even if it should be known as bribery, because the research revealing the harm of radiation emitting towers truly isn’t an opinion and obviously the pro-tower side is being paid handsomely.)  The letter from the doctor is a medical expert identifying that there is a reasonable belief that the tower will harm.

How to go about getting the letter… 

Make the appointment and say, “I believe” or “I’m concerned a cell tower to be erected near my house is going to harm me.”  Perhaps at this point, the doctor will interrupt affirming your belief is so or denying it.  Either way, perhaps you will see where he or she stands on the subject.  If it is denying harm then ask, “Well, explain to me then why my dentist gives me a lead bib with x-rays?”  But if you don’t want to be confrontational perhaps simply ask, “Can you please look at the science?  I have these links for starters if you’d like.  You can get back to me and please tell me if you think this is safe or not.”  Add research links that you feel are important but keep these two at the top.

If the doctor needs time before giving a letter, ask that if he or she decides to write a letter, to please state that in following the precautionary principle, if there is a risk of harm, the doctor is advising to avoid that risk.

You are concerned that those involved with the tower are threatening to assault you.  Your concern is based on a fear that has been substantiated by a medical doctor.  It is a reasonable fear.  Substantiated evidence is considered to be objective and admissible.

Earlier, I stated that the letters are needed in order to get a restraining order.  Clearly, first, we need our letters so we may put the planning commissioner, cell tower representative, and the owner of the property that will make money for having a cell tower on the premises on notice.  We are warning them all that we see a tower as an unwanted assault.  We are basically setting it up that we all will file a restraining order against them but without coming right out and saying it.

Go get your letters!

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