Monday, July 1, 2019

The Cell Tower/5G/EMF Radiation Rabbit Hole

by Paget Anne of Essendon

I have signs that I use at protests against cell towers in general and 5G installation specifically.  When the signs are stored in my garage, I can’t help but feel what a waste it is, so I have started placing them at the windshield and back window of my car.  One to four signs can be displayed at a time, rotating with the ones stuck in the garage.  They have become like bumper stickers shouting out cell tower/5G/EMF radiation slogans to people outside my car.

I was asked if I think the signs are effective.  The contemplative person added, “I am wondering if the average person knows what you are talking about.”  My first thought was that the signs are effective in not being messages going to waste between protests.  My second thought was far more detailed and finally, my third thought, The masses are programable, came much later, but it was the answer I elected to give.

The detailed thought was in deciding the definition of my target audience.  It is not those who are reactors (experiencing fear-based immediate hysterics after hearing and seeing blurbs on the news), parrots (repeating sound bites and slogans offered on the news), and automatons (non-thinking reactors and parrots who may be cut off from their light who are drawn to watching the news), i.e. the masses.  This group is gullible and programable, yes, so eventually they may get hypnotized, rather than consciously educated, into seeing cell towers as harmful and 5G as a military weapon.  But my concern, overall, is not this group.  The reactors, parrots, and automatons can certainly benefit if they read the signs and research the ideas presented, but with all the inner chattering—repetition of sound bites and slogans from the news and personal dramas that goes on in their heads—chances are that they may not even see my car or its cell tower/5G/EMF radiation messages.

My target audience is the group who is either awake and looking for a fellow like-minded community, or those who know something isn’t right and are starting to question so-called reality, watching and listening to less news along the way.  My intended audience is those who once thought smart (as in SMART phone) means that the phone is smart.  Formerly, the SMART phone was thought of as smart, because it can answer spelling and definition questions, instruct how to get from point A to point B, and calculate math, alongside a billion other tasks beyond what mere mortals once imagined.  If this group is able to and remembers to, they will search the fragments from my signs remembered such as “LED bulbs send & receive 5G.”  Some in this group will go down the cell tower/5G/EMF radiation rabbit hole and become over-whelmed and disinterested until in the future, a friend makes a comment or such and they search again.  Others will go down this rabbit hole and surface a car sign-carrying charter member themselves, perhaps taking their campaign to another level.  Others may do absolutely nothing beyond noticing some aspect of the SMART takeover, even if it’s simply noticing how hot their cell phones feel in their pockets.

The masses are programmable as proven by the latest sound bite offered on the news that gets repeated over and over by the masses, so a benefit other than perhaps  reaching my target audience is that I just may reach an average Joe who may allow himself to be programmed by other than Big Pharma’s, the government’s, or certain business’ manipulations.  Perhaps he will start thinking, “5G virtual prison,” “5G nosebleeds and loose teeth,” or “Dirty electricity” and wonder at the chants in his head enough to investigate. 

At any rate, right now my goal is to support humanity in becoming aware of the SMART prison that is coming.  A car being parked with slogans in it harms the public less than a bumper sticker, because the car is not moving on the freeway, for example.  It requires little effort beyond placing the posters in the car and taking them down.   There's really no reason not to display the signs.  So, while I do other work in support of turning the tide to where the masses will become the enlightened powerful group—who will not allow Big Pharma, governments, and businesses to harm humanity—and the few will be the programmable automatons, right now, by focusing on getting the information on cell towers/5G/EMF radiation out there, I am making tomorrow possible and gentle so the programmable masses of today can be shown the way to liberty.

The time is now.  If you don’t go down the cell tower/5G/EMF radiation rabbit hole and emerge with understanding about the weapon presently known as the cell phone, then it will be too late to become anything other than a deceased reactor, parrot, and automaton.

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