Monday, July 29, 2019

Measles Theory

"I think people misunderstand what measles is. Measles is from heat that comes when a baby is developing inutero that's left over. When the child is about 5 years old or so, it's time for that heat to leave. We shouldn't interfere with that expression of that latent gestational pathogenic heat. We certainly should not suppress it.
Now, maybe if a child has adequate vitamin A, the releasing of the heat is uneventful. Perhaps the 24 genomes associated with the infection known as wild measles come out of dormancy to help express the latent heat only when vitamin A is inadequate to keep them dormant. Perhaps there's nothing to eradicate.
I just think we act like we know everything when perhaps we have measles, and other infections, all wrong."
-Paget Anne of Essendon

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