Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Making Cell Towers Unnecessary

The US federal government strong arms officials in all states with their 1996 Telecommunications Act, Section 704.  (Good reading if you need proof that governments do not put people first.)

Individuals are the only support that communities can expect to keep them safe.  (You would think it would be the health and safety groups of various states, but it is not so.)

Here are some tips that if we all did, would tell cell phone companies that we don't need their towers.

1) Get rid of your cell phone.  If this seems too big a sacrifice, then take the baby step of getting a regular cell phone and wean yourself off the SMART phone slowly.  If that seems too big a step, leave your phone at home as often as you can.  If that seems too big of a step, then start by turning your phone off for lengthy periods of time, especially if it is with you in the car.  If your phone is on, it makes it easier for you to be tracked and also irradiates you more as the phone reaches out to the closest cell tower constantly as you are moving.

2) Ditch Wi-Fi in your home.  Use a cable for your computer and most systems can go Wi-Fi briefly for a cell phone.  Honestly, if you have Wi-Fi in your home, some sinister official can crank it up so to speak and control your mind or turn you to dust.  If that seems far-fetched to you, then simply investigate the stress constant Wi-Fi causes the human body and ditch it for that reason.

3) Get a landline.  This is safer to use compared to a cell phone and we don't need their towers to use them.  My rotary phone is quite a conversational piece and the line only costs me $10/month, including free interstate and international calls to most countries.

4) Use cash.  Your cell phone is to be used to keep track of you and to give or subtract credits as an official sees fit.  If we use cash, instead of especially banking on our phones, we are foiling their plans of control for us.

5) If you still use a cell phone, use your computer to watch your YouTube or television shows.  Divorce yourself from the phone as much as possible.  Use your computer to help you with music.  I still listen to cassette tapes, records, and CD's, but there have to be other choices for you than your phone.

6) Get rid of the SMART meter.  5G will work with this contraption.  We do not need a military grade weapon as a gas meter.  See the group Inpower for tips how to go about this.
Technology may give you a false sense of security, but these SMART appliances are ultimately spy and kill technology.
Many of us raised children without baby monitors and SMART diapers. Many of us have looked out for our neighbors.  We knew if someone suspect or suspicious was around.  SMART is making people anti-social and lazy.  We need to be smart ourselves and honor community.

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