Saturday, August 8, 2020

Letter to Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria Australia

[Dear Mr. Andrews,

As a lawful National of the country of Victoria, having drawn my first breath in Essendon, I am asking you, from outside the District of Columbia, to stop harming the humans of Victoria with this Covid scam.

Please remove the mask-wearing and stay-at-home and distancing ordinances immediately.  It is unfair and inappropriate to bring in the social credit system and other aspects of ID 2020 (and Agenda 21), especially when using fear to do so.

Listen, in the states of the union and the District of Columbia over here across the ocean, long ago, the criminals in charge offered some "Indians" to be police.  They rounded up other "Indians" and got money and were treated well.  Once all the "Indians" were captured and on the train for Pensacola, Florida, the "government" captured the police.  They put those "Indians" on the same train, too!

You are as the Indian police for artificial intelligence. You need to stand with humans... And now! After you have fulfilled your use, they will come for you, too.

Agenda 21 is a stepping stone to making this an AI prison planet.  Now, yes, there are lawful Nationals and more who have Natural Law on their side and will not allow Earth to be taken.

Sir, it's your choice. Are you for humanity, or not?

Okay, so if you say you are, then research Aajonus Vonderplanitz's theory about viruses. It's the truth. And if the masses knew it, they would not be able to be controlled.

Further, research mask-wearing.  You will see it causes harm.

I am appealing to the human in you. I hold in consciousness that you rise above implants and compartmentalization. The world's eyes are on you.

Please, lift the restrictions. Stop the drama. Stop the imprisonment of my family and friends now!

Bright Day Thoughts,


Paget Anne of Essendon
:Paget :Hillebrand©]

[To the reader of this blog, let me explain what I have done here.

I placed the letter within brackets because it takes it off the page.  Now, this may not be true.  All I know is that when I write to the General Post-office from within the Judicial District, I have to place Judicial District in brackets to take it off the page, so I am trying to follow what those who know do because it might be true.  Therefore, what I write really isn't there so they cannot hold it against me.

The District of Columbia has conquered Australia and the States of the Union.  If you can get a copy of The Red Amendment, I recommend it.]

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