Sunday, August 2, 2020

Stop Being a Victim

Artificial Intelligence has deduced that humans are highly emotional and love to be helpless victims.  No matter how many excellent non-commercialized doctors and scientists try to educate the public on the beauty of the human body, AI will undermine them every step of the way.  The 1% will use certain educational material in schools, writers to put forth accepted truths in TV shows and movies, and puppet doctors and scientists to program the population. 

Lately, there is a push to have the public think that the bad-guy rulers of the world are keeping Hydroxychlroqu*ne from the public and that that’s why we’ve had so many deaths this Plandemic 2020.  In truth, puppet doctors were intubating people who didn’t need intubation, which is deadly.  There was “cov*d-19, a bioengineered v*rus mixed with other bioengineered v*ruses that were injected.  There were a lot of other factors (such as technology), but most of all there really were no high numbers of injured from coronavirus, a common cold or covid-19, the injected material with a vaccine.  And as for people getting sick, they wore masks, kept themselves from fellow humans, and listened to the programming-box daily being hypnotized to get ill.  Add to this the sedentary lifestyle and the EMF-radiation from too much screen-time and you have a recipe for distressed cells within individuals.  Distressed cells leave in their wake viruses as a byproduct from attempting to rebalance the cells.

In response to believing there is a boogeyman virus in the air, doctors are pushing for the general population to take small doses of Hydroxychlroqu*ne roughly once a month as preventative against “the covid.”  The criminals-that-believe-they-be once gave the public the polio vaccine biowarfare on a sugar cube.  What makes you feel safe that these pills aren’t being laced with a vacc*ne?  Have the 1% proven they don’t experiment on or drug the population?  Why would they have changed since the days they laced blankets with smallpox biowarfare and handed them to Natives?  Conceivably, they could have Covid-19 lab-engineered viruses on the testing swab or place it within any injectable or drug, though I suspect they have a pathogen intended for the brain on the swab.  You see, this narrative from the “Frontline Doctors” about taking this drug might be to conquer the portion of the population that hasn’t fallen for all the other attempts at ruining their health.

Propagandists will always hide their program within at least 80% truth so that you will accept it.  If your healthcare practitioner is not reminding you…deprogramming you…teaching you…about the Power of your body, then perhaps they were programmed by B*g Pharma and the 1% and you could go find a freer practitioner.  Does your practitioner support you in relying on them, or communing with your innate Power?  Are you supported in being a victim, or an access-er of Light?

The following is advice on safety from v*ruses.  The following is not for those who love being a victim.  For example, the commercial scientists inform you that sugar is the main cause of diabetes when it’s hard to find a person with diabetes who has never been vaccinated, nor received the synthetic vitamin K shot.  (See the inserts and know that you can’t interfere on so many levels and not expect imbalances such as this.)  If you are the variety that sticks with, “It’s not my fault.  Everything has sugar in it,” perhaps this conversation is not for you.  Though, blame is not the focus, responsibility is, and you do have the ability to choose your own response and to step back and look at how your choices have affected your health.

First and foremost, do not get vacc*nated.  Along with detrimental ingredients, vacc*nes are rife with engineered animal v*ruses, some not even noticed during the intended engineering process. 

Next, how to prevent natural, non-human tweaked v*ruses 101:

Basically, listen to your body.  It will communicate its needs.

If your body doesn’t like to eat past 8PM, don’t.

If your body doesn’t like staying up past 10PM, don’t.

If your body doesn’t like alcohol, don’t drink it.

If your body doesn’t like a sedentary lifestyle, move.

If your body doesn’t like being poisoned with chlorine baths and showers, get a filter.

If your body doesn’t like sitting at the computer for hours on end, move every hour and add walking on uncontaminated earth barefooted for a few minutes to the exercise of choice.

If LED and computer blue light hurt, wear blue light-blocking glasses.

If working on a computer is mandatory, cable the internet, keyboard, and mouse.

If you have a sugar addiction and are not allergic, take a teaspoon of an almond butter and Blackstrap molasses combination instead of a sugary treat.

Instead of watching TV and being on social media, read.

Instead of soda, drink fermented healthy drinks or water.

The 1% attacks us, but we are not helpless to that.  See other work on standing in the Judicial District, EMF protection, getting rid of SMART meters, using a landline, using cash, getting rid of your cell phone, taking iodine, having IV ozone and vitamin C (provided you have the enzyme to process vitamin C.) 

You are Light.  Many of Light are here to support you as you support us when you commune from that Light.  You may be a user of that which is around you.  Or you may remain a consumer and a victim.  

The choice is yours.

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