Friday, August 14, 2020

They Told Us!

[Solvent Green was a Charlton Heston movie where the story took place in 2022.  The-criminals-that-believe-they-be are informing you that if they have their way, by 2022, humans will be reduced to eating humans.

Funnily enough, the same puppet, Heston, was used in Omega Man, too.  (The remake was with another puppet, Will Smith.  Both would also have some power, but would have a handler, as well.)  The plot of Omega Man centers around a population that trusted and accepted something that then changed them.  (For us, it would be the vaccine.)

This brilliant covid meme has gotten the masses to fear everything to the extent that they will welcome the social credit system, being locked away, kept from humans, AI taking over teaching, AI prison planet and all that implies.

You are being manipulated through your Astral body. (If you're not, then you are standing strong in Self.) There is so much to say on this.
Perhaps we need to start with what the rulers of this world think of you.  Maybe that would support you in bringing them down from the pillar you’ve placed them on.  You are an irritating slave.  Humans always have been.

In the US, they wanted to people the lands in order to bring in their control far and wide.  Missionaries were led to believe they were doing a good thing and coaxed to go West.  “Free” land was offered to convince others.  Propaganda was printed in the newspapers to stir up trouble between those who “deserved” the free land and those who were there already. 

So, now that you’ve exhausted your use of peopling lands, what do they want you for?  These have been going on a very long time and are still required, though there are more of us than they need.  They want some of you for hard labor, to build underground laboratories, bunkers, etc.  They can figure on many “natural” occurrences and many they even make happen, but sink holes are not something they like, nor can they stop them.  There’s always need for strong slaves to do that which they don’t want to.  (Even pretty, dainty, young male or female slaves for inside the home.)

Then there’s sex slaves.  All ages and all sexes are wanted.

Baby-makers are needed for their satanic rituals.  (This is why abortion was legalized: less red tape around many murders.)  More than this, babies are a delicacy for some “higher ups.”  I have heard for years that they get canned and given to certain parties.  When they come for the mass kill, they will want really young ones for food.  I can only assume they would kill these with EMF weapons, not a brain parasite that they may have in store for older, useless sorts.

But fine.  Get distracted with an election (that is nothing of the sort as they know which puppet they ultimately want in).  Get distracted about the USPS.  Get distracted over “the covid.”  Get distracted over the police (when robots are to come in anyway.)  While you cower in your home behind your mask (in desperation of a Heart/Kidney treatment), the AI prison planet is being installed.

Are you going to fear a "virus" in the air, or protect your young? We could have used your help in stopping it, but, what evs…as the kids say.]

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