Friday, September 17, 2021

The Great Reset Again


[Our Controllers are experts at resets.  We did not even question when Mount McKinley had a name change back in Obama’s time.  We had nothing with which to tie it.  Now, upon seeing so many statues taken down over so many years, added to the great kill that they are getting prepared to do, we can see that after foreign military come in and murder the survivors of the bot & clot $hot, those few who do live and get integrated in what comes next will pass down stories.  Many generations later, those stories will be called myth.  Walla.  Another history swept under the rug.

Yes, just because it is a plan does not mean it has to go their way.  Join me in higher frequency responses.  Let us anchor the light and thwart their plans this time.  Hwa!]

 9/21/21 added

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