Wednesday, September 1, 2021

E-mail To Zuckerberg

[I just sent this to Zuckerberg and CC the Secretary of State who has my affidavit that I have switched from US Citizen to US National.]

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

As a national, I am a non-resident to the residency and alien to the citizenship of the Fourteenth Amendment as the Secretary of State has been informed.  I am writing to you as living man demanding that you stop harassing me with Fact Checkers and informing me that my posts do not meet “community standards.”  I have freedom of speech as a national.   Common Law allows me to put you and Facebook on notice that you are to stop harming and harassing me.  It seems my FB page is the only Paget Anne Hillebrand.  Please adjust my Facebook account immediately so that I may freely post, comment, Like, et cetera as I please under the Constitution.  Get me out of “Facebook” jail now and please update your records that I am a US national so that your actions and that of your staff will be in alignment with my status and rights.  

I have posted a physical letter to you through the Judicial District with my signature as the stamp.  My tracking says that you will receive it this evening.  Thank-you.



Paget Hillebrand



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