Monday, July 31, 2023

Dr. Chris Shoemaker

This morning, I was asked for my thoughts on Dr. Chris Shoemaker. I don’t remember if I’ve ever heard that name. I searched him and found this video so listened and responded.

Within the first moments of listening to Dr. Chris Shoemaker, my first thought was, Does he know the sham of virology? Lab-made weapons can be called “virus. He said that this c $hot was “Not functioning like va((ines.” But how do va((ines function? At least with the “viral” ones, when no isolate has been found of a natural, contagious virus, what is their function? How can you wipe out a dead thing that’s not there?

At least some doctors are talking about this harmful weapon, the c $hot.

“Who made this almost deleterious situation exist?” Genetic humans under a $pell. Their frequency was not enough to rise above the propaganda of fear and lies. The Puppeteers have every intention to place all Genetic humans under their thumb until all are gone (because you either become a light-bearer human or the successive human robot in their social credit system and trapped by the imposter ray). What made Genetic humans comply with the lie of the c*vid psy-op era? Genetic humans get off on drama and fear. It’s strange how “special” and important it makes them feel to have a terrible thing happen and then to do special things such as have a $hot to eat at Dennys.

Fauci was the puppet to be out front to look like he’s in charge and an authentic voice for weapons being made and moved. I wonder if he would have passed medical school without having sold his soul

All va((ines are immune damaging to the human. All $hots may offer auto-immune problems, cancers, infertility, DNA-changing, and death. It depends what ingredients are placed in a specific lot number. All va((ines may have parasites that enter the brain. (I have witnessed young children with brain parasites.)

I’ve been writing and speaking out against $hots since 1987. I’ve been writing and speaking out against all c*vid psy-op era-related lies actually since their big kill Kobe and his daughter. (And keep in mind another basketball player’s hopeful son just had a heart attack. Yes, he probably had the $hot but was probably frequency zapped to set off the next...what, SPARS psy-op era or to close c*vid era.) Has Shoemaker been talking at least since March 2020, or is he new to the scene? Is it time for doctors to scare all those under a $pell who had this particular $hot? (By the end, I learned he’s new to the scene. He had two c $hots. (He is a doctor under the $pell and perhaps getting out from under it, or a puppet to them.)

As for sudden deaths of pilots, athletes, etc, many children have died related to their $hots, regular $hots, but no-one cared. Some adults also died from their $hots, but no-one cared to have va((ine injury as a differential diagnoses, so therefore, never found it. With babies, they called it SIDS, with a teenager at Dodson Middle School, they said it was because a PE teacher pushed him too hard, with a man who died in a hotel around 1985, they wrote undetermined, same with an author’s so in 2007 whose sister found him dead on her coach, undetermined. With the c $hot, adults have had so many more $hots and multiple to one person at that! This is unprecedented. Even if it was a normal va((ine, it could have caused a lot of death simply due to the high numbers of volunteers for this lunacy. But, add to that the vile ingredients in the c $hot plus the high numbers of people receiving them and walla, you’ve got a whole lot of sudden death. Then figure in EMF poisoning and it’s a real recipe for maiming and murdering.  Are doctors like Shoemaker aware of this?

Of being injected with the c $hot, Shoemaker asks, “How big is this error in allowing this?” The error was in not recognizing what Western Medicine was destined to become from the second “Germ Theory” was established by another puppet, Pasteur. (He stole Bechamp’s idea without understanding it and killed many soldiers and animals with his va(cines.) Without Germ Theory, Big Pharma couldn’t become the ruler it became. (The US is basically run by Big Pharma and cronies.)

So the unfortunate thing about this doctor who is informing the Trust the Science group that nanobots from the c $hot may enter ovaries and brains, etc, is that he doesn’t understand the psy-op of Germ Theory. No wonder the world is a mess! There are too many of those who should stand in defense of our health who fell for the “there’s a natural, contagious virus out there and it’ll get ya if you don’t have this $hot. They don’t understand about the non-contagious byproduct of a cell seeking balance. The true problem is the propaganda and lies that medical professionals were taught and they never wanted to seek out the truth or lie of what they were told. And the opponent to the MultiSelf has practiced with other $hots prior to the c*vid $hot. Lot number roulette has been played in regions around the world, perfecting their weapon. And “viral particles” always needs to be defined. Artificial intelligence, nanobots that behave exactly how? and “byproduct” from humans’ and animals’ cells that was engineered nefariously. How exactly is “viral particles” defined?

Yes, signals are there that this c $hot is dangerous and it is being ignored. If one person is said to die of acupuncture, you know they’d attempt to stop acupuncture in the US. But why should this $hot be any different? Do you remember when Gardasil came out? Within the first six months, thirteen deaths had been attributed to it. How did the authorities respond? They allowed it to be pedaled to boys and eventually allowed it to be known as HPV.

Him telling you to take Ivermectin is him pedaling a pharmaceutical and pushing the thought that c*vid is real. Yes, their were MANY attacks committed on the masses under the name c*vid, but the way he speaks, I can only guess he’s not simply meaning a $hot injury, but that a natural, contagious virus existed.

Here’s what one can look into doing:

Essaic tea (

Line-drying my clothes

Garlic/Lemom juice/ginger/pure maple syrup in equal parts

Sulfur daily to make glutathione naturally (

Esoteric Acupuncture (treatments and read the books)

Chromotherapy (light, homeopathy, mental imagery, water)

NAC Raw Nattokinase (Dr. Theresa Dale)

Ingest live foods with Qi and chlorophyll, not made in a lab.


He says, “C*vid infection.” What is that? Attack or natural? Because he’s not to clear, I wouldn’t waste my time listening to him. For me to truly back a speaker, they have to be clear on what’s going on and not promote Big Pharma nor any of the c*vid narrative.

What is a natural Flu? He makes me think it’s a natural, contagious virus. Could it be imbalance of an individual who was not standing in alignment with the Sound of Self? That is not contagious!

This man has received two $hots. Could he be some kind of “mouth piece” for the opponent to the MultiSelf? Are we to trust him so he may bring us into the next psy-op?

He seems to sort of understand that attack and va((ines are performed by the same group.

Yes, WHO and CDC have an interest to protect. They too are puppets overstepping their bounds.

People placing death into the consciousness of those who received these $hots is perfect for them: more fear. It’s inappropriate. You still are connected to your Monadic Ray. The imposter ray is simply tricking you. Stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, increase your frequency and rise above the Implants of the Puppeteers. You can heal. You may Be. Rescind permission. Don’t allow anything to trespass on you.

All practitioners around the world need to stop being complicit with all the c*vid bullshit. Stop writing a lie for a diagnosis, stop intubating a person who is breathing on their own, stop wearing a mask (unless you want to during surgery), stop having staff wearing a mask, stop promoting Germ Theory, stop giving any va((ines for “viruses,” stop being pimped out by Big Pharma, start seeing the man or woman before you. More needs to be done than simply placing energy against one $hot. How about being for Truth about the body and the “virus,” any “virus” and all $hots?

The Social Credit System has been in motion since the late 1800’s at least. First, they destroyed memory of “free energy.” Then, they slowly introduced electricity that is paid for, TV to program and dehydrate the masses, computers, mobile phones, Apps and QR Codes, along side events to take away gold and silver (the property backing American Common Law), killings and dangers to strip average men and women of Rights, which are Natural Law, as much fear as may been broadcast through devices and addiction through dopamine manipulation of games, tons of legislation to promote unhealthy practices and banning healthy practices, implement surveys and rewards like crazy, slowly get humans used to being treated as cattle and so much more. 

The attempt at a world-wide pandemic failed in 1918 because they weren’t ready. Social media needed to help get the fear out. Doctors were present disproving the 1918 Flu but much has been made hard to find. Since 2000, MANY doctors have been murdered; many voices who would have attempted to stop the c*vid era from happening...Not that the fearful could have heard the Truth!


I just saw this. Elon Musk is one of the frequency-attack puppets. Interesting that he chimed in on what I see as a sacrifice by frequency. (Sure, they could've had something special in his $hot to guide the target or such.)

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