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SPARS the New Covid 2025


Look. Some of the same cast (WHO, John Hopkins, Paul Friedrichs) as for the C*vid Psychological Operation performance have been cast for SPARS 25. Are you ready? This time, they will be more blatant with their weapons against you because last time, they got away with using very little: they controlled doctors, scientists and media; they used a PCR tool for control and delivery; they used EMF’s; later, they delivered whatever they wanted in whichever lot number and type they chose of the c $hot.

Number one on the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy (OPPR) agenda should be investigating va((ine and especially this c $hot’s injury and kill rates. If they don’t do that, this Office is a proven sham.

Number two should be prioritizing finding an isolate for any so-called natural contagion. We could go on from there, but since they won’t do either, we know this Office is about control of you not protection of you.

A cast member for c*vid, Major General (ret) Paul Friedrichs will be the director of this Office. (Below, I comment on a past appearance of his so we may get a feel for him and his role the next go round.) He is a board-certified physician, a “learned” doctor, yet he never thought to look for an isolate. Hmm. “Commercialized scientist,” anyone? To give you a heads up, they are letting us know that this is in their bag of tricks for the future: “…ongoing work to address potential public health outbreaks and threats from COVID-19, Mpox, polio, avian and human influenza, and RSV,” because they say it’s why they established this Office. Shocking, but as far as “natural”, none of these have been isolated. Sadder still, they have lab-tweaked versions of biowarfare that they give these names to at times. For instance, when you see a $hot with “live virus” in it, it has their lab-tweaked weapons in it. There is no such thing as a virus being alive. Even those who believe in viruses know that.

“Federal science” should perhaps scare the hell out of you. That wreaks of mandated biowarfare.

Would you like to read their book on the next psy-op? (If link doesn’t work, search SPARS Pandemic scenario.)


SPARS is thought to go from 2025-2028. And just as with the c*vid psy-op and Event 201, this also is brought to us by WHO and John Hopkins. At a quick glance, this next attack on your freedom and health will include communication issues, so learn HAM radio and smoke signals. St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SPARS-CoV) is worth investigating so you can turn off screens that will place you under a $pell. You’ll know. You’ll be ready and not comply with their shackles of a countermeasure.

Let’s run through one media press release that occurred during the c*vid era in order to SEE this next psy-op the next time around. Mar 25, 2020

I listened to this now for perspective. I am happy I didn’t know things like this were being told to the Trust the Science group back in March 2020. But let’s have a listen to see their scripts for you should you choose to engage with them for SPARS 25, even if they have it “start” in a small town.

Keep in mind that the prelude to Paul Friedrichs speaking, the audience was being informed that ships and other matters were providing additional hospital beds when people like me went to hospitals with our cameras and saw no patients. (I saw empty tents outside and the security guard called for backup when he saw what I was doing.) This might scare their audience. The Department of Defense was active in suggesting that elective procedures and dental procedures be stopped…as if not having these procedures would not cause harm and having them would cause harm because of this something that was not isolated.

They also magically came up with a sixty-day limit “in order to focus on the c*vid response.” She informed you that this is a time of crisis, because you need to be alarmed and scared. She told you that she has the truth, and all others don’t. Listen to her narrative. Ignore others, they have a “false narrative,” yet she has no isolate. Keep in mind, the opponent to humanity will make false narratives themselves so they may “dis” them. Anyone talking about the “spread of c*vid” is put out by them. (The ones trying to tell you the truth know that since there is no isolate, there is no spread.) So within the first week of their psy-op, they are already warning you about another opinion about what they are doing to have you pounce on people who are not under their $pell.

She says that they are taking “this” seriously. Again, no isolate. She was talking about not large meetings and temperature-taking. Now, temperature certainly makes more sense than the PCR tool, but there are many non-contagious reasons for an elevated temperature, so it too is not effective. Again, they need an isolate in order to see if a body with it has an elevated temperature. How can they make a claim that temperature elevation is associated with c*vid without first finding that isolate in the body with the elevated temperature?

Next time, recognize buzz statements such as “lower the curve.” Don’t they need an isolate to show numbers of sick people from that isolate (so there’s a rise on a chart) before they can start not finding the isolate because things are improving (thus a decrease on the chart)? How do they know ventilators are needed when no isolate was found to show that they were needed? Ventilator tubes were placed in people breathing on their own for the first time that I’m aware of. They were used to kill. If you balk at that, know that not one person who died on a ventilator from 2020-2023 had an isolate known as c*vid in their dead body or when they were alive.

This woman says that the US was tracking this virus since mid-January 2020. How did they track something they never isolated?

Too bad the comments were turned off and an average man or woman could not voice his or her opinion. Hmm. They want to control what you hear.

Paul Friedrichs:

1)   This is an official who does not need to see an isolate of a natural contagious virus called c*vid before he does anything. Is this an official you should trust?

2)   He’s not wanting to establish a false sense of fear, yet he’s lying to you that there’s a pandemic of a natural contagious virus. Hmm. The viewer is already being programmed.

3)   So, without any proof of an isolate from a dead or live body nor a surface of anything, he’s telling you this is a deadly world-wide pandemic and then he tells you what you need to do in order to be safe. How does he know what you should do if he never took the isolate against various tests? For instance, I followed no protocol and have not been sick. My friends did and have been sick. So how come that doesn’t figure into his “science”?

4)   Reassess? How did they analyze the situation to start with? They will reassess without assessing? Hmm. Will this happen with SPARS, too?

5)   Interesting that he can talk about military members with an infection when no isolate said it was c*vid. (And later, we all know they started calling healthy people “asymptomatic carriers” also without finding an isolate in them). Even if you’re talking about someone experiencing toxicity and cells seeking balance, they could be sick for one to six weeks depending on what they use for balancing their body and condition, or Western Medicine which suppresses symptoms.

6)   So-called higher rates of c*vid were always pushed by the PCR tool being used as if it was a test. This was one of the biggest resources accessed to perpetuate the lie. It doesn’t find an isolate called c*vid. Hmm. (They pulled off the HIV hoax and psy-op with this same tool despite the maker of it saying that it is not a test for a “virus.”)

7)   He uses “hot spot” as if it’s been proven that first, a natural contagious virus exists and second, that it can be proven to transfer from one to another, especially here or there. (This psy-op is programmed into you at school and on TV and in the movies.)

8)   If someone had asked me, I would’ve said, “No, I’m not concerned about a global pandemic related to a natural contagious virus because none have EVER been isolated. However, I’m concerned about EMF and va((ine poisoning, and the harm LED lighting does.”

9)   He says that to effectively stop this thing (that’s never been proven to be there) that it requires ALL of us complying with protocols. Then he virtue-signals because it’s difficult to follow the measures they want you to so you must be amazing if you can do it. Well, c*vid supposedly stopped without many of us complying.

10)        Please notice that a medical perspective is a commercialized science perspective and an isolate is not important to them.

11)        Individually and collectively, if you comply, we will “mitigate this outbreak” that we have no isolate to prove is there.

12)        Apparently, this guy had been talking to people on the news for a week. He was definitely a key actor for the c*vid psy-op.

13)        Yes, there is a reason you should question the narrative: no isolate. Yet, he’s trying to convince you to not question what they say. We, in the Trust Commercialized Scientists to lie group, say question. For instance, go find an isolate for c*vid. Do not think a graphic of a water mine that has been used to promote HIV, Chlamydia and some other things is an isolate. Find any natural contagious virus. Go.

14)        “This is a new virus.” He says that as if they have isolated any natural contagious virus. Do you think that terrified their audience? Can they get you to comply if you’re not afraid? How do they know it’s easier to spread? First, you have to find it. Then, track it. I’ve been around many sick people (mostly toxinated and masked), why did I not “get sick” if it spreads easily and exists?

15)        So, since January 2020 to March 2020, they feel they tried all of their medical countermeasures and they don’t work. Do you think that scares people who only know Western Medicine from “learned” doctors? Yes. He is also paving the way for you to think the only way out is a magical $hot that they will work feverishly on and have it ready in no time. Sorry. You have to die until we can get it made. The fastest $hot EVER made in history. Here we go. (Except taking pus from a cow and injecting it was pretty fast.) Could “va((ine candidate” be synonymous with Guinee pig?

16)        How can he say New York is where the biggest outbreak has been without isolating a pathogen. Hmm. If you’re in NY, are you scared? Are you ready for extra strong va(cine mandates?

17)        How can a lab make a “test” specifically for coronavirus testing when the c*vid sham is what they are promoting? Coronavirus is what my Merke’s Manual labelled the common cold. Whether they inform you or not, the reason the common cold can’t be “cured” is because it’s a natural process for an imbalanced cell to produce a byproduct when it seeks balance. This byproduct is used in a lab to tweak what they put in vac(ines, but it’s also what they sell as a natural contagious virus when it’s not contagious. It’s your history. (Like rings of a tree.) They can find that but it’s not something contagious. So, we’re back to where’s the isolate and is this “test” capable of finding it? They rapidly made “tests” for something never isolated. If you’re not under a $pell, this is noticed.


Notice it next time.

He's a very soft-spoken “actor” who may be speaking to you the next time. Don’t listen. But now that we went through this from the past, please listen by way of education on the psy-op.

Mar 25, 2020


Same cast member for c*vid-19 will be for SPARS.

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