Thursday, July 20, 2023

Parasites Hear Your Thoughts


And the flukes from pork are so intelligent and aware that a clairvoyant saw how they protected themselves when someone took a paracidal to get rid of them. They had some around the edges of a tight ball. The ones on the outside died. The ones in the tight ball survived.

My advice to the person who's taking the paracidal is to think of it as a chocolate shake. The taste. The temperature. The mind then isn't alerting the flukes what the person is about to do. I know there's a lot of things inside us that do read our minds including our own cells so it's good if you can do a trick when you take a paracidal. Don't think of it as to what it's going to do think of it as if it's junky and sugar and going to feed it so that you can catch parasites with their guard down.

In Chapter 8 of Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I write, 
"The same may be true of physical parasites within your body. When you drink an herbal formula that will kill eggs and parasites while thinking about what you are doing, the parasites may hide or get into a formation where only some will be sacrificed.  Instead, picture drinking a chocolate beverage full of corn syrup and sugar to sneak up on them, if you will. Entities, physical parasites, and Genetic humans can all receive mental projections.  This is helpful for you whether the damonic human attacking you is infested with a non-human or not. Using your mind and intention in this focused manner is an example of interdimensional contact of the 3D for protection."

Disturbances are entities, physical and non-physical. (Subliminal messages, too.) Your thoughts are a weapon and defense system.

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