Monday, November 6, 2023

A Link on Info About a Thing

 You know one of my regrets? When you read this article, you will notice an identification marker (BNT162b2) for clinical trial participants.

Long ago, I knew the marker for Flu-$hot recipients who "got" prostate cancer. An X within the number is all I can remember. (It's a regret because now the only way to find those results is through the marker as the opponents to information have really done a number on all search engines. And I didn't know about downloading back then.)

This is written by a former commercialized scientist. I don't want to read it because he was part of the fraud, but you might be interested in it since he is of the Trust the Science group. (Are they ever truly "former"???)

I also don't want to read it because $hots are biowarfare and in this age of information, if someone would volunteer for a trial, they are making a choice. If someone trusts Big Pharma, they are making a choice.

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