Sunday, November 5, 2023

Hollywood Disclosure


There’s Truth mixed in with Control when it comes to “disclosure.” I have not read or listened to Goldie Hawn speaking about an “alien” encounter, but I want to offer some other ideas on whatever she said, because I have seen the title zoom past me on Facebook. (And at a time when the Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction orchestrated events to justify openly murdering innocents…And “weather controlling” Acapulco, it seems the perfect time for disclosure.)

In my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I mention the Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction, and how many abductions are carried out by them. I also allude to Eyes Wide Shut and that Stanely K. intended to disclose more than he did, and that that got him killed. (And that is relevant because they have the technology to take someone from their bed and to play with “time.”) It is safest to assume that any huge musician or movie star is a pawn of the Military/Science/ Government/Human/Non-human Faction. How many people do you know who are super-talented but are “no-bodies”? There’s a reason for that. MK ULTRA is just one arm of this organization that spits out slaves of all sorts: movie stars, musicians, scientists, sex-slaves, couriers, politicians, breeders, puppets to recruit, and so much more. This faction is affiliated with AI: artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, awful individuals. Draco Reptilians have their hold on this faction, as do some others. If this group wants you to stop looking at them, they will get you looking at spaceships and tell you they are an enemy to Earth and you should fear them, when the true enemy of humanity is right here in your governments, in your labs, in your classrooms, talking through banksters and presstitutes, etc. Or, they will tell you they are benevolent, when all along that Pinky-rose love is within you, and they want to distract you from remembering that.

I do not know what Goldie Hawn said, but ask yourself who benefits by you hearing what she has to say now? Can another area such as Maui or Acapulco be destroyed so another SMART city might be erected without you paying attention? Do you now fear a “bad guy” that you can’t even picture? Is it a savoir you now see? Have you been Astrally tugged? I carried out exposure and disclosure in my book, but the frequency of the delivery is high, at least in places. Astrally tugging you into helplessness and fear is not what will happen as you read those pages. The words are empowering. Sure, the mask is being pulled off to a certain extent. Perhaps you never knew about the American flag being a subliminal for constant war, for example, but you have tools by the end of the book to assist you on your journey to seeingYou realize that you are the savior—that your thoughts and actions matter. Does listening to Goldie make you feel that way? Is it possible that she was made to remember the Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction’s abduction of her as an alien from outer space for their Agenda? Is it trust they are going for? Is Draco being painted as a loving mother or father over the twisted baby-eating, child-raping, Genetic human controller that it is?

Some “Genetic” 3D Puppeteered orchestrated MultiSelves are like humans and surely in this “matrix” elsewhere with kick-ass technology. Other lifeforms from other places are different to the Genetic human for multiple reasons, but one being that their physical-ish spiritoid is an extension of their MultiSelf and they are not in the “matrix.” There’s a lot to know and recall, but fear is not how you’ll get there, nor is falling for a psychological operation of moonlight and roses.


I just retrieved a link of Goldie “disclosing” her event. “Finger of God,” is interesting as I posit the Puppeteers made the Genetic human.


I scanned the article quickly. She said, “I was paralyzed.” Anyway, I would bet it was the Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction. They can kidnap ordinary, non-mind controlled slaves right out of their beds and force them to see and experience what they want if the target is ignorant. They definitely can make one of their movie stars see, hear, and believe what they want them to.

That is my two cents worth.

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