Monday, November 6, 2023

The New Dominant Scare to Convince You to Get the Thing


Honestly, by now, c*vid variant scares should be called ads for the $hot, because that’s what they are. Even the image admits to being generated, because they have never isolated this so-called virus.

They say that their $hots are only “as effective as their uptake,” which is the trap door of escape when they are not successful. But how is success judged without an isolate? The same way they come up with the “disease” in the first place: they pull it out of thin air.

There’s a reason the psy-op to get you into the fold of the Satanic Western Medicine practice of va((ines is called Germ Theory. You need proof of a natural contagion and even the problems you are informed about from 1918 have successfully been “shot down.”     (For short-cut, see page 28.)

If this is a new variant and it’s supposed to be dominant, then why can’t “experts” find unique qualities with symptoms specifically, and why would they say it “might spread more easily,” if they have no science to show you that? I mean, what makes them an expert? Are “experts” simply va((ine manufacturers and is this article an ad for their product?

If you trust the science, then how about writing a letter asking to see some science!

The link would not copy so here is the advertisement to get you to get the $hott.

“A New, Dominant COVID Variant Is Circulating: Here’s What We Know

Story by Hannah Murphy  • 6d

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A New, Dominant COVID Variant Is Circulating: Here’s What We Know

Experts suggest the new variant might spread more easily than its recent predecessors

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Hannah Murphy

A new variant of COVID-19 has become the dominating strain circulating in the United States.

Replacing EG.5, also known as Eris, and FL.1.5.1, referred to as Fornax, the HV.1 variant currently accounts for more than a quarter of reported COVID cases in the U.S. It is followed by Eris and Fornax, which contribute to 21.9% and 12% of all cases, respectively.

HV.1 first showed up on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID variant tracker in late July, right as cases began to surge. Although the summer surge of COVID hospitalizations has been on the decline for several weeks, HV.1’s presence has continued to grow quietly, yet steadily.

How contagious is the HV.1 variant?

Some experts have suggested that HV.1 might spread more easily than some of its predecessors and that it appears as though it may have the potential to bypass prior immunity — hence its increased presence across the U.S.

"I would expect that it might be a slight increase in transmissibility or immune escape, which is why it appears to be dominating,” Dan Barouch, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Center for Virology and Vaccine Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, told NBC.

Coronavirus COVID-19 computer generated image. Getty Images

Coronavirus COVID-19 computer generated image. Getty Images© Provided by The Messenger

Will HV.1 cause more serious infections?

So far, experts have not signaled that this latest variant has any unique qualities with regard to its symptoms or severity. It has not yet been linked with an uptick in severe COVID infections.

Like the variants that have been dominating in recent months, HV.1 is yet another descendant of Omicron. Given its similar characteristics to XBB variants, which also stem from Omicron, experts have not expressed heightened concern for its potential to cause serious infections, at least not yet.

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Will the new COVID boosters work against HV.1?

The new COVID boosters from Pfizer and Moderna were updated to target XBB variants of the virus. Since HV.1 appears to be similar to those XBB variants, experts have suggested that the new shots will likely offer some form of added protection against the latest variant, especially for those who are more vulnerable to serious infection.

However, the shots are only as effective as their uptake, which has been dismal in the weeks following their approval and subsequent rollout. According to the CDC, just 3.5% of the U.S. population has received the updated booster.

The CDC has recommended the updated shots for everyone six months and older.”





 A good link. She is not the first to discuss $hot ingredients working with frequency (and I would add chem trail ingredients), but is a famous medical doc (and she exposed evil behind the "food" in US), so she has been heard. I feel frequency murdered Raymond on Dec 28, 2021 (of the link above).



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