Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Support

According to me...

I was speaking with a lady who is experiencing living with the fear that breast cancer may return. I just want to say that I feel a doctor is incompetent if he or she is not informing his or her cancer patients about the importance of eating organic foods. I still can’t believe it when someone like my former real estate agent, who incidentally died of cancer or cancer treatment last year, scoffs at the idea of organic foods being superior to pesticide-treated foods. Doctors are out there handing pills to patients with the command to take them daily for ten years because “You have the kind of cancer that comes from too much estrogen,” and yet they fail to acknowledge the estrogens that are in pesticides, or the harmful plastics link. Since medical doctors are proving they just care about pushing Big Pharma’s pills instead of educating their patients and supporting them to get in touch with their bodies and environments, we can take charge before considering the pills, which could be a last resort rather than a first reaction.

It is harder to stop medication once you get on the popping pills roller coaster. Please do research. Find out what other choices are available for curbing estrogen levels. For instance, look into progesterone cream, talking to the producers as well as reading the information. Visit websites, like
to see if there is a major offending food in your diet. At Breast Cancer Options, it says “Eat organically grown food whenever possible. Many pesticides and herbicides are carcinogenic, and many have a chemical structure that is very similar to estrogens. These can stimulate the growth of breast tumors. Organic food is grown without chemicals or hormones and has been found to be much higher in nutrients than foods grown in commercially fertilized, nutrient-depleted soil. Especially, avoid non-organic eggs, dairy products and meats, as hormones and antibiotics are fed to the animals.” A list of safer pesticide foods and a list of foods that must be organic are available at the Breast Cancer Options website. If you have a sweet tooth, find alternative candy like Justin’s at

Drink good clean, non-fluorinated, non-chlorinated water slowly at first, if you don’t like water. I highly recommend reading Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, or visit

Those of you who are cancer-free could support those around you who are having health issues by purchasing foods from companies that are trying to be more responsible. This way we send a clear message that we want organic, non-GMOed, and non-irradiated foods. Let us show that we support businesses that care about humans, not those that profit financially and support the demise of humans.

With breast cancer, if indeed it is a true diagnosis, I would suggest looking into your deep seeded feelings about yourself. Cancer in this part of the body may be from a thought crying out for you to notice that you are not nurturing yourself. Notice how often you perhaps apologize for yourself, place other’s needs above your own, and do not feel good enough for something nice to come your way. Various meditations may lead you to noticing something that you have been carrying with you for a long time deep within your subconscious. I suggest reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton or visit

A lot of support is available out there. Remember, there are also a huge variety of practitioners who offer alternative treatments as well.

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