Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Students Taught Not to be Human

Students these days are marked down on their test and quiz papers if they make a mistake on a classmate's paper when grading it.  If a student's mother's car breaks down and the student ends up being a half hour late to school, it's marked down as truant, even if the child produces a signed note by  the parent.  Students are getting a clear message that mistakes are not okay.  Students are being taught not to be human.

I can understand a teacher's threat to say that if a student makes a mistake, they'll lose points off their own paper.  What I can't understand is how these teachers can be so narrow minded and actually make a big deal about it.  Mistakes aren't only born from sloppy, careless behavior and cheating for friends, they're also natural to our species.  We make mistakes.  We live and learn.  It's okay to make a mistake.  Teachers making students wrong over such a basic thing is beyond ridiculous.  Aren't they placing enough pressure on the kids these days without teaching them to not be human?

The only reason a student can be legitimately late for school is illness/medical appointment.  How ironic is that?  Shouldn't the child stay home if they're ill?  Parents can't have life happen.  It's against the rules.  Talk about pressure on the whole family.  The school district's policy demands that the parent not be human either!

There's a reason the They want you to deny your humaness.  When the time comes, you'll accept certain desired situations.  What's occuring in school with making children and parents wrong is all part of the They's grooming.  Go ahead, play the game, (I guess the child was ill for a few minutes), so you're not that nail that sticks up above the crowd and gets bonxed, but, see what's going on.  Teach your children that they are not the psychopaths here.  It's okay to make a mistake no matter how many teachers try to drive it home that students should learn not to be human.   

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