Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seeing Beyond Our Sanity

I wanted to use Sany Hook Elementary as an example of how things can occur. Massacres and other disasters can be made to happen in order to move several agendas forward, while really moving the main Agena forward. For example, say some group, probably affiliated with an elite family or at the very least a Nazi family, wants the property where Sandy Hook Elementary stands and the school board refuses to sell it. What you do is get the school board to want to sell it. Make something occur there that is so awful, they'll practically beg you to eventually take it. Now, I have no idea if the land will be sold or relinquished in some way, but should the former school site be snatched up by some big company, then this could have been one convenient part of the nasty plan all along.

The bigger picture is gun control.

Somewhere in between is fear on a mass scale. Also, about here is planting more armed officers on school campuses without people getting angry about it.

One thing that isn't discussed in these mass killings is the possibility that the victims aren't all dead, but have been exported off some place to be slaves in a variety of ways. Plucking citzens out from under our noses is surely a thrill to them.

What's hard for us non-psychopaths is to think in a psychopathic manner, yet, if we are to look beyond what we are told has happened at any given hour of the day, we have to do just that. Seeing beyond our sanity, we may see more involved in Sandy Hook's massacre than a single boy with the skill to disrupt a whole country. We may see a boy used as a scape goat and an awful, powerful group already planning their next outing.

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