Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fowl Crying Foul

One thing I marvel at is how humans are so eagar to disassociate themselves from anything they deem outside themselves.  For instance, if it's not human A's child, then stranger human B can continue kidnapping that child and human A will simply make a phone call.  No kidding.  This really happened.  If it had been human A's child, that person most likely would have risked their own life to stop the stranger in his tracks.  Why couldn't human A have risked their life for someone elese's child?  The answer is because, whether due to an Implant, conditioning, fear, arrogance, or disassociation, humans see themselves as separate and alone.  Divide and conquer may be the true reason for this disassociation.

This year, can't we humans connect with creatures great and small?  Become aware of backyard butchery.  What if that was your child being tortured like that?  Would you allow it?  What about farmers of fowl profiting off the burned carcasses of their stock?  If it was your child's boarding school, would you demand the building be equiped with fire alarms and water sprinklers?  And while we're on the topic of farming.  What if your child were being farmed, would you allow that?  This year, resolve to not treat creatures the way you wouldn't want your child treated.  How about not supporting certain diets.

Let's stand united, sending a clear message that enough is enough and that we have no intention of supporting cruel food any longer.  After all, they are our children.

According to...United Poultry Concerns...

The following is an e-mail from United Poultry Concerns.

"1 January 2013

Pet Chicken Saves Family from Household Fire

Who Will Save Chickens from Fires in Their Houses?

“The chicken gets quite vocal when she gets excited.” – Dennis Murawska

The story of Cluck Cluck, a hen whose loud cries alerted her grateful family to a fire in their Wisconsin home on December 28, thus enabling them to escape, has resounded around the world. Reporters love this story, and rightly so! But Cluck Cluck’s Heroism with its Happy Ending and shower of praise also echoes the cries of tens of millions of chickens and turkeys on farms throughout the United States whose clamor upon sensing a fire in their houses is totally ignored by their owners, who refuse to install even minimal fire protection equipment, claiming it would cost too much. They prefer to let the birds burn alive and collect the insurance and taxpayer reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On Dec. 20, 2012, 25,000 turkeys burned to death on a farm in Virginia. Last May, 500,000 hens burned to death on a farm in Colorado. Last June, 14,000 turkeys burned to death – 7,000 in North Carolina and 7,000 in Minnesota.

When we learned in July 2012 that the National Fire Protection Association, “the authority on fire, electrical, and building safety,” had proposed an amendment requiring all newly-constructed farmed animal housing facilities to be equipped with sprinklers and smoke control systems, and that the agribusiness lobbies had successfully joined forces to defeat the proposal, we filed our own Appeal and gave testimony at the NFPA’s Meeting on the proposal on August 7 in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Though the agribusiness lobby won the first round, we will continue to fight for a NFPA provision mandating that fire protection equipment be installed in all farmed animal housing facilities. Nothing shows more starkly their total lack of compassion and accountability than the refusal of farmers and farming corporations to install basic fire protection equipment in the buildings they trap their animals in. If the alarm cries of one single hen could be heard two floors from where the Wisconsin family lay sleeping, imagine the sound of many thousands of birds trapped in their cells, and nobody listening as they scream, burn, and suffocate to death together.

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes

the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.


United Poultry Concerns
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405"

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