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5G: The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996

This is all an act, just as it says.  There is no way silly words on paper may decide that it’s acceptable to abuse you.


    (a) National Wireless Telecommunications Siting Policy.--Section
332(c) (47 U.S.C. 332(c)) is amended by adding at the end the following
new paragraph:
            ``(7) Preservation of local zoning authority.--
                    ``(A) General authority.--Except as provided in this
                paragraph, nothing in this Act shall limit or affect the
                authority of a State or local government or
                instrumentality thereof over decisions regarding the
                placement, construction, and modification of personal
                wireless service facilities.”

First of all, it is possible that State when capitalized means one state of the states of the union that are not under District of Columbia rule.  One would expect state to be lower cased in this sentence.  This local government here where I am is California legislation, which falls under the District of Columbia rule.  Also, what do the ‘ ‘ In front of the 7 and B mean?‪  Are they simply quotes?  Why then?

“``(B) Limitations.--
                          ``(i) The regulation of the placement,
                      construction, and modification of personal
                      wireless service facilities by any State or local
                      government or instrumentality thereof—"

Again, State and local government may be addressing the two realities here in all 50 states.

“``(ii) A State or local government or 
                      instrumentality thereof shall act on any request 
                      for authorization to place, construct, or modify 
                      personal wireless service facilities within a 
                      reasonable period of time after the request is 
                      duly filed with such government or 
                      instrumentality, taking into account the nature 
                      and scope of such request.” (Bold type is mine.)
This may prove my point about states of the union being mentioned with a capital S in states.  
No-one would file anything with them.  
They are the liberated aspect of each state.  You would never file with them about anything.
“``(iii) <>  Any decision by a 
                      State or local government or instrumentality 
                      thereof to deny a request to place, construct, or 
                      modify personal wireless service facilities shall 
                      be in writing and supported by substantial 
                      evidence contained in a written record.”
Yet, in the next paragraph, they are mentioned again.
``(iv) No State or local government or 
                      instrumentality thereof may regulate the 
                      placement, construction, and modification of 
                      personal wireless service facilities on the basis 
                      of the environmental effects of radio frequency 
                      emissions to the extent that such facilities 
                      comply with the Commission's regulations 
                      concerning such emissions.
States of the union are not obligated to follow criminal legislation from the District of Columbia.
“``(v) Any person adversely affected by any
                      final action or failure to act by a State or local
                      government or any instrumentality thereof that is
                      inconsistent with this subparagraph may, within 30
                      days after such action or failure to act, commence
                      an action in any court of competent
                      jurisdiction. <>”

The Judicial District may be different than the courts of the District of Columbia.  I need to learn what “<> means.”  A competent court may be the court of fiction, which truly is not competent.  This is speaking to the wronged cell phone company or such, not to an average human.

“Any person adversely affected by an act or failure 
                      to act by a State or local government or any 
                      instrumentality thereof that is inconsistent with 
                      clause (iv) may petition the Commission for 
Among other definitions that you may expect is, “A warrant or authority or letters patent, 
issuing from the government, or one of its departments” (Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Ed., p. 141).  
Letters is defined as “A commission, patent, or written instrument” (Black’s Law, p. 469).   
Keep in mind, no words were defined in this document, except what I will soon quote.  
Basically, is business being admitted here; the idea of not allowing people to stop cell towers 
and 5G antennas from being built?  A cell company victim can waa waa cry to the patent itself for help?
“``(C) Definitions.--For purposes of this paragraph--
                          ``(i) the term `personal wireless services' 
                      means commercial mobile services, unlicensed 
                      wireless services, and common carrier wireless 
                      exchange access services;
                          ``(ii) the term `personal wireless service 
                      facilities' means facilities for the provision of 
                      personal wireless services; and
                          ``(iii) the term `unlicensed wireless service' 
                      means the offering of telecommunications services 
                      using duly authorized devices which do not require 
                      individual licenses, but does not mean the 
                      provision of direct-to-home satellite services (as 
                      defined in section 303(v)).''.”
Interesting, so the 5G satellite fence around Earth cannot be used?  If those quote-looking things 
are quotes, then why?  And why is that last one done like this .”.  ?  
I don’t know much, but I know all things such as colons, spaces, and dots have meanings.
“(b) <>  Radio Frequency Emissions.--Within 180 days 
after the enactment of this Act, the Commission shall complete action in 
ET Docket 93-62 to prescribe and make effective rules regarding the 
environmental effects of radio frequency emissions.”
I wonder what rules they made.  Only try to kill 45% of the bees.  Only try to kill 66% of humans.
“(c) <>  Availability of 
Property.--Within 180 days of the enactment of this Act, the President 
or his designee shall prescribe procedures by which Federal departments 
and agencies may make available on a fair, reasonable, and 
nondiscriminatory basis, property, rights-of-way, and easements under 
their control for the placement of new telecommunications services that 
are dependent, in whole or in part, upon the utilization of Federal 
spectrum rights for the transmission or reception of such services.”
It’s interesting to me that they worry about being fair and reasonable and that they 
don’t discriminate against those who may want the tower on their property, because money is involved.  But they don’t care about their health or yours.
The text against humanity is available at this link.

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