Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Post Office

Do you realize that there are two jurisdictions in each state in the place known as the USA?  The one you know about (and have been programmed to accept as true) is the UNITED STATES.  This is the fiction.  The court that you see on TV is also the fiction.  USPS is also the fiction.  Above this sign on this mailbox, it also says, "U.S. MAIL."  This is the service that is associated with zip codes that Johnson supposedly started because he simply wanted to.

This is also the "fiction" side of the post office.  It's not written in English so they can get away with making you think it says what it actually doesn't.  The style does not follow rules for English.  It's complete with a zip code, even.  The emblem may be also giving information, but it's to hard to see the details.

This is written in English and quite possibly could be informing the public that the general post office for the states of the union is here. 

It's interesting that they have two signs.

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