Sunday, September 15, 2019

Living Man Posted to Congresswoman Waters

Written in Olde English font and sent with a 2 cent stamp through General Post-office Judicial District. See, as a side note, federal representatives see US citizens as steerage, dead entities. You have to communicate with them as a living man.

"Foreign" is said, because the point of view of this letter is being written by someone "without UNITED STATES," someone not under the District of Columbia's control; someone under Untied States Judicial District (where I believe the real Constitution's protection resides).

[Paget Hillebrand©]
c/o #### 111th Street,
Any City, CA [RFD 9####]
September 14, 2019
Maxine Waters
c/o #### South Broadway, Suite 1
Any City, CA [RFD 9####]
Dear Congresswoman Waters,
Please stop 4G/5G assaults. Since—when it is against the wishes of any private person—it is inappropriate for cell towers and 5G antennas to be installed on grounds occupied by living men who are not under federal jurisdiction, I am invoking my right to request that officials stop hiding behind Section 704 of the FCC’s Telecommunication Act of 1996. It is against Judicial District standing to have those among the states of the union assaulted with federal (District of Columbia) military weapons instead of using alternate means of supporting  communication and taking most towers at least back to 3G.
Please stop the construction of 4G/5G towers/antennas immediately, allow the proof of harm of 4G & 5G along with original intention to be revealed, and take down the current 4G/5G towers/antennas now. As a State citizen, I am invoking that the area—the places I visit in California & my home—be free of the harmful 4G towers and the harmful, foreign, military weapon known as 5G.
The federal government has no jurisdiction over private persons; therefore, is liable within their own courts and system for assaulting those not in their jurisdiction. Thank-you.
Bright Day Thoughts,
[Paget Hillebrand©]

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