Saturday, October 2, 2021

Allowance Through Respect


I was just listening to the re-play of the Top 40 from October 4, 1986.  I think it was #16 that had Kacey Casem giving a little information about the band about to be played.  The song was Loverboy’s “Heaven in Your Eyes” from the movie Top Gun. 

Apparently, the keyboard player was anti-guns and did not wish to support the meme of the American military after he had seen the movie before the song was written.  He opted out of participating in that song.  His band supported his wish.  He missed out on all the royalties that went to some lucky keyboard artist out there who played on that hit.  It did not matter whether each band member agreed with his stance or not.  The point was they respected diversity; a common 2020 mantra that has been forgotten in 2021.

His band demonstrated great respect for an individual’s wishes through allowing him to act on his convictions.  In concerts, not wanting to deprive the audience of a song they loved, he played.  He was willing to compromise on that point because it seemed fairest for all.  Each member of Loverboy allowed through respect of the other. 

Humanity is falling right now because a group is being programmed to hate and fear the other.  There is no allowance of personal convictions and personal decisions.  No matter to which group you belong, drop your fear.  Start allowing a human to make his or her own choice.  Let it Be.  Make choices for yourself not for other adults.  Communism out in the open may be ugly, but at least now you know that you would have been scared into handing Jews over or denying a black man a seat at the counter if you have been one screaming for all to just submit and comply to what the criminals-that-believe-they-be want.  If you think it is high time that personal choices do not matter, you are the problem.  Thank goodness back then, we had Loverboy demonstrating to the Omniverse that some humans get it.

It is such a sorry state that many are choosing to lose their humanity…and wishing it for all.  I guess allowing through respect is not something one group is being programmed to do.

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