Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Dear Mask Policy Supporters


It seems to me that y’all don’t really fear a “bug,” but fear the “Law.”  The reason I say this is because consistently for about twenty months now, I have been picking up discarded masks of all colors and varieties, even cloth.  If you are confident that the outside is catching and preventing a virulent bug from getting into your lungs, and as the program goes, you are believing that the inside stops the virulent pathogen from escaping from you—you who is so well, you are able to shop and function in society with ease—then how can you mindlessly toss a dangerous apparatus away without any regard to your fellow humans?  The answer is obvious.  You are complying so that you do not stand out.  You are complying to not make waves.  You are complying to not get into trouble.  You are complying because obviously being parented doesn’t bother you.

I do not need to be parented.  Even if I were ignorant to the real natural virus not being contagious, I know that all through my lifetime, I have noticed people who are sick not wearing masks and those around them being fine.  I have noticed shedders of real vaccines—which are biowarfare transmitting biowarfare and yet, we still stood strong in its midst without covering our noses and mouths.  You are reacting as you’re told to, and unable to think and get in touch with the Natural you within.  You are a slave.     

You know, many a slave in the US feudal system believes himself to be free.  Is wearing a mask because someone told you to truly being free?  “I am doing this to protect people!” you say.  So, back in 2018, before you were programed with that response, did you wear a mask to protect people?  Had your doctor suggested that you go around all day with your nose and mouth covered?  “No, because this pathogen is different!”  Bam.  Now we’re finally there.  Who told you that?  Your TV God?  A commercial scientist in a white coat, supported by Big Pharma?  Have you written to the health departments requesting proof of a virulent, natural, contagious virus?  Like I said, many a slave in the US feudal system believes himself free.

I have been expressing myself as private living man for roughly three years and have finally been blessed with stepping into the US National (state citizen) status, which is something that can be recognized by federal government agents.  It’s cool because even if y’all support the techno-future that your controllers want for the survivors of the covid era purge, robocop will be able to read my status with the computer within it.  But, unfortunately, here and now, the slaves are programmed to fear the one standing out; the one not in line with being a slave.   

It is absolutely appalling that humans are being policed by workers at establishments now.  If your face is not covered, they cry “policy” at you and long to refuse you service, all the while not noticing their support of tyranny and lack of diversity.  But my point is, imagine how deeply into communism and an AI prison planet we have sunk when adults are being “parented” by young things behind a counter or an old man supposedly in an oval office.  I have to prove my Constitutionally protected Natural Rights to navigate society with a bare face!  Three years ago, would you have believed it if someone told you that you would fear a naked face as you do now?  Would you have believed that you would cover your mouth and nose, sometimes for hours on end?  Would you have believed that you could be feared into rolling up your sleeve for the nastiest of their injectable bioweapons?  And most disturbing of all, would you have believed that you would badger and belittle the few who were able to practice body autonomy and patient self-determination by not following the acceptable narrative?  Let’s face it.  Slaves do not feel comfortable and perhaps become aware of their chains when around those who are truly liberated.

Dear mask policy supporters, you can call us whatever names you wish.  You may yell that you hope we get ill.  We, on the other hand, shall enjoy air, pure blood, and our liberation.  Good luck.  May you and your policies live happily ever after.

PS. AI can be artificial intelligence and alien intelligence.  Increase your frequency so you can see your controllers as they really are!

Now, go.  Anchor the light.  Hwa!


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