Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Blindly Bullying


I could not find honest legislation that Federally legislated mask-wearing in an airport or on a plane. So please. Leave a link in comments for me if you have found any. "Require" does not equal Federal legislation.

First, authorities blindly bully when US Nationals communicate thoroughly, but police refuse to call the station and run your ID number through the Pass System. They think they have a right to ignore you and control you simply because a small airport lacks a pass System. The police wanted to escort me out over placing a radio call to their office. Blinken, Bonta, Chief Luna will all hear about this. Their officers should be trained. It should not fall on us to beg to be heard.

Remember when you put officials on notice to send your copy of affidavit to TSA. Request them to educate their staff, which they will not want to. They are trained to strong-arm you, fig their heels in, and be uncooperative.

If 1%dElete don't want people to know...if they don't want to say, "Oops. The gig is up," then they need to make all ID's go through a Pass System. US Nationals are not under Federal authority.

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