Friday, October 8, 2021

Heard and a Right to Be Noticed

Today, a friend contacted several law enforcement officers trying to help me learn how a US National could be recognized by them for protection.  (I want to enter a business that is requiring a certificate of vaccination identification just to simply show that it can be done; not to financially support those that discriminate against barefaced purebloods.)  It was to no avail.  One had heard of a national and it was not complimentary, but let us keep in mind that up to now, most known nationals were the politician variety that misuse diplomatic immunity to rape, murder, and steal.  I am a national who does not need parenting and does not worship Satan. 

Next, I drove to my local sheriff’s office.  They have a copy of my affidavit (which I sent to Secretary of State Blinken informing him that I am a US National) and a letter of introduction.  Boy, the lobbies in stations are really impersonal these days, most likely for protection.  I had to speak to the secretary over the phone since the lobby is a room with a phone and all points of access to the interior of the building are non-existent.  (At least no human was there to yell at my bare face.) I explained that I wanted my passport card read by the Pass System.  She said, "We don't do that for the public," which informed me she had a reader there.  She added, "Only if you're under arrest."  I said, "Actually, I am not the public.  I am in the private realm.  I am a national and my paperwork is in this building."  She just stubbornly repeated her sentence.  I am left with a problem.  How do I inform US Citizens under the Fourteenth Amendment who are bound to the rules of slavery from the legislators—the criminals-that-believe-they-be—that I am not one of them?...That I am not choosing to cover my facial orifices, nor desiring a blood-sludge pharmaceutical in my body in order to enter a venue?  

I remembered a letter I had started back in August to the LA County Supervisor who saw fit to require a certain shot despite no natural, contagious virus being isolated.  I finished it and e-mailed it to her today.  (I also sent it to Blinken via e-mail.)  Tomorrow, several physical letters will go to all of the LA County Supervisors requesting the same thing.


Here is the letter:


Holly Mitchell, Supervisor, Second District

500 W. Temple Street

Los Angeles, C A 90012



Dear Supervisor Mitchell,

As a national, I am alien to the citizenship of the Fourteenth Amendment.  If you insist on having certificate of vaccination identification and mask-wearing persisting in our community, I request that you have a “Pass System” machine (that can read passport cards) readily available so that US Nationals may be identified.  These machines need to be at all restaurants, concert venues, gas stations and any place you request the “vaccination passport” or faces to be covered in order for humans to enter.  If humans are checking a paper with a “vaccination” status on it, then those people need to be informed that our copy of our affidavit on file with the Secretary of State is acceptable as proof of being a national and; therefore, outside the jurisdiction of the certificate of vaccination identification and mask-wearing requirements.  Without this, you are discriminating against US Nationals and ignoring our Constitutionally protected Rights.

If educating workers is neglected and if Pass System reading machines are not present, a strain will be placed on police since we will have to constantly call them in order to use the machines in their cars.  Further, if police refuse to read the cards, and if humans refuse to allow bare-faced purebloods in, then many lawsuits of discrimination will follow.  The supervisors will also be named for not providing a way of recognition for those not participating in the tyrannical-words-on-paper you have set in motion.  After all, if it is not voluntary, it is tyranny.

I have posted this physical letter to all LA County supervisors and have sent an e-mail to your office, copying one to Mr. Blinken, the Secretary of State for my administrative file.

Under Constitutionally protected Rights, I can shop and function freely on this land.  Thank-you.




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