Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Christmas List


11 December 2021



Santa Clause

c/o North Pole




Dear Santa,


I am writing with my Christmas list.   Before I start with my personal wishes, I would like to put a word in for those that earned coal this year.  I know there were M A N Y of them, right?  They imprisoned and murdered many humans by informing all that there was a natural, contagious virus without questioning the narrative or what truly presented that narrative.  They gave a part of our immune system—viruses—a bad rap, and it’s just not fair!  (Thank goodness viruses are not alive because they would be sad.)  But Santa, no matter how naughty those who hate humanity are, no matter how much they used humans, there was much information available if each individual only looked.  As naughty as the bad ones were, they were given a level of permission.  Surely if you give them coal, you must likewise give those who gave their permission coal.  Just think about that. 


The good word I would like to say on behalf of those who were naughty to humanity this year is actually for humanity’s sake.  Please don’t leave coal and ill-feelings in the stockings of those who were naughty to humanity.  This is actually fuel for them.  They “get off” on ill-feelings sent towards them.  Please take a minute to concentrate on the Love/Light/Sound within them.  You see, if they are from/of Source, they will not like to resonate with the reminder.  It will make them feel ill and cause much distress within them.  But it’s a good distress because it serves as a reminder of the wrong direction they are struggling to go in.  They do not want us to focus on the Truth within them.  They want us fooled and distracted by the drama and trauma they think they are causing us.  They think we don’t know how to get out of this predicament.  But you and I really know, right?  I can count on you this year to focus on the Pinky-rose Love spark that may only be a pinhead of light at the moment, but it is within them.


I want you to seriously consider my words.  I know the crimes some of them have committed, but just think about it.  When we are angry and violent in response to them, we have lowered our frequency and dropped to their level.  Oh, Santa.  Please leave no coal this year!



Now, for my Christmas list, #1 All of the above.  Through writing this, I find humanity doesn’t need much more, so neither do I.



Thank you and stay warm.  Say Hi to your wife, the elves and reindeer for me.


Happy Christmas.







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