Friday, December 17, 2021

Dr Ferrer Put on Notice


I think I have figured out how to hold court through the post.

  • use registered mail
  •  have the postal worker (a third-party witness) date stamp the letter to send and the copy that you keep
  • write your address as private man even if you send it through USPS and not the General post-office (c/o 22 Grace Street, San Pedro, TN [RFD #####])


I did research on how to "Refusal for Cause" a parking ticket that someone I know received.  I felt certain that person got the ticket for my benefit because I had asked to learn what I did not know about making my letter the court.

I learned (and my friend Ryan had also informed me) that one uses registered mail to make it the court.  I knew not to step into their artificial court.  I also knew my letter and envelope sent through the Judicial District was the court, but what was I missing?

The cover letter, which is to be sent with the ticket, is to be date stamped by the postal worker.  This person serves as a third-party witness.  Yay! So, today I went to get a worker to stamp my letter to Ferrer and the copy for my records.  I sent that letter registered without their stamp, but my signature.  The poor fellow robotically obeyed but in utter confusion.  (After one lady's refusal to assist me due to confusion.)   Btw, Ryan has suggested that I be the executrix to the artificial legal person who has FOIA requested Dr. Ferrer.  The signature stamp on the outside has the AuthenticSelf me signing it.

We'll see how it goes.  Imagine if every living mankind individual out there did this to their health departments.  Bam!


County of Los Angeles Public Health                                                           Registered Mail #

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Director

313 N. Figueroa Street                                                                                         (PO Date stamp)

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Notice of Claim


To Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LAPH Director:

A FOIA request to see evidence of a natural, contagious virus from humans was sent certified post through the Judicial District and received by your office at 10:23 AM on October 14, 2021.  I have received no response.  The correspondence has been ignored well past FOIA’s twenty business days.  My name is Jones, Jane Ann-executrix for the legal entity Paget Hillebrand.  This notice serves as an opportunity to cure.

This is a claim that you are not providing accurate and truthful information.  In consequence, you are causing harm to myself and my community.  I am claiming you are defrauding the people by providing false statements without any documentation to legitimize your claim. This is a lawful notice requesting you to provide a lawful affidavit of Truth with your autograph.  You will take liability for such claims made to the people about an emergency that has lasted far past any reasonable length of the definition of an emergency, which is sudden and without notice.

If you fail to provide an autographed affidavit of Truth to lawfully rebut this notice of claim, I will have no choice but to secure a judgement of default and place a lien on your bond of office.  Please provide your lawful rebuttal /Affidavit of Truth within 21 calendar days.




Jones, Jane Ann-executrix


 12/18/21 added update:

My little PO with confused workers sent my letter to the big LA distribution center to let them deal with this General post-office registered letter.  It entered the system showing that it left there at 2:18 AM.  (The person with the parking ticket who paid for the registered letter showed it starting at the little PO and informed the customer that it would arrive by Monday. I see nothing like that with mine.)

 Information on the post office compared with the postal service:

Some of the markings discussed in their own manual:

A "How to" in how to not perpetuate the fraud by signing your letters.  Starting yesterday, I sign it as a living mankind not the symbol I formerly used:

Study all of this!

1/4/22 added (A friend sent this)

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