Saturday, March 13, 2021

Pro-Vaxxer Doctor Warns About the C Shot


I am a student of Antoine Béchamp and Aajonus Vonderplanitz.  I have never found any reason to disregard their teachings.  My understanding is that my internal environment dictates whether my cells vibrate to Self frequency or establish diseasement.  Commercialized scientists such as Pasteur and Fauci are egotistical robots that sold their souls (to entities) long ago for fame and fortune.  Western Medicine and their engineered v*ruses that are injected and cause much harm ride on the backs of robots such as these two in order to take over humanity.

Natural, wild virus*s, in my opinion, are byproducts of cells of living beings.  It is not that I may “catch” a v*rus and succumb to it, but that my cell having fallen out of sync with Self has made a byproduct known as the virus on its way to reestablishing balance.  The reason the elderly lose so-called immune function is due to so much imbalance having clogged their natural free-flowing ways of Self.  More and more imbalance establishes more and more byproducts.

Humans who allow engineered v*ruses to be injected into them are inviting trouble.  Listen to this link to see this man’s theory on what will happen to humanity when the c shot has been accepted by so many. his opinion, the virus is introduced from the outside.  In my opinion, it is coming from the inside and the ingredients of that shot will undermine the body’s immune function.  But not only that, it will create the worst kind of auto-immune response ever mounted.

By the way, SARS, HIV, and many more were created in a lab.  They are engineered virus*s that were introduced to humans through injections.  Germ Theory was allowed to be the narrative in order to get you in fear and for control. A “highly infectious strain” may simply be an engineered vir*s that was injected through the flu shot or any shot.  Frequency control such as through 5G or other weapons could also be a factor.

Globally, humans should be interacting with other humans.  Swapping microbiome is necessary for our survival.  AI has convinced you to cower in fear away from other humans.  Many who I know who refused to play this game this last year are better off than their counterparts.

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