Thursday, March 18, 2021

Prepare for What May Come


Let’s face it.  With all we know about the Military/Science/Government/human/

non-human faction anything is possible regarding the biowarfare that has been injected into our family members and comrades.  We know they are being hooked into artificial intelligence.  We know it is possible some of them are receiving certain technology in a saline solution in order to place the odds for some slaves to survive this “go round.”  I posit that this AI reaches beyond the grave and imprisons the soul more thoroughly compared to what the Genetic human already experiences with the reincarnational cycle.  In my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I call this style of imprisonment the imposter ray, because it is to fool a soul away from recognizing the Monadic Ray and its MultiSelf, and will forever (until souls save themselves) see AI as their God.


Right now, I would like to focus on the other kinds of engineered ingredients that may be in the bloodstream of the many who have been vaccinated.  We know that SARS, MERS, and HIV were all engineered, put together with goodness knows what else, and called covid-19.  (One of the many things called such in 2020.)  This could have been injected through a flu shot and could be part of the c shot, for all we know.  Biowarfare that is injected does not usually concern those of us who know better than to serve our lives up to the government and Big Pharma so easily.  But the Military/Science/Government/human/ non-human faction have been practicing with aerosol biowarfare for decades.  What if they have figured out how to make their engineered biowarfare leap from the vaccinated to others far worse than the “shedding” of their previous biowarfare vaccines?

Long ago, I had a sciencey-smart friend.  She would awaken in the early evening sitting on a lounge chair, spying her groceries, the shopping list, purse, and keys on the kitchen counter, without remembering any of it.  Do you think it is safer for the controllers of the world to have microbiologists who do not remember what they were working on?  I do.

Given all the warnings we have had from various documents and events (Lockstep, The Rockefeller Papers, Event 201, The Georgia Guidestones, etc), the controllers of the world are planning on murdering eight million to six billion of us…and soon.  They have used selling tricks including scarcity and “the chosen few” tactics to entice the reactionaries (the masses) to line up for the c shot.  Next, they will try coercion.  Later, perhaps force.  But possibly they have another goodie in store for us—the not so easily programmed.  Maybe the vaccinated are carriers of something awful and we need to be in tip-top shape, and of higher frequency, in order to fend it off.

Here are some ideas you can implement if you are in good health right now along with other ideas you have learned from others.

·        Use Super Comfort Rescue Mouth Detox for oil-pulling at least once a week.  Shake the bottle before use.  Hold a tablespoon of the oil in your mouth for up to twenty minutes.  Spit it into a waste basket, not the sink.  In my experience, this draws pathogenic waste out of you.

·        Take Zach Bush’s ION, formerly known as Restore, for gut repair daily.

·        Have Lypo-spheric vitamin C on hand.

·        Do mental imagery on the skies and electrons as presented in my book to change the ingredients of geoengineering from harmful to helpful. (Intent is everything.)

·        Keep sugar in-take low.

·        Keep stress levels low.

·  Have produce growing and accessibility to water not affiliated with the government.

·        Have high frequency treatments such as with Esoteric Acupuncture.

·        For your own sanity, recognize that humanity is being drawn into two groups: the light-bearer human and the successive human.  Be clear on where you stand.

·        Turn off the news in all forms, including social media.

·      Keep your cell phone far from you.  Use it as little as possible.  Get rid of it if you can.

·     Have the SMART meter removed.  Learn from Michelle Gibson about our hidden past/timeline and remember how to function without electricity as we presently know it.

·        Learn about wild growing plants and mushrooms for safe identification.

·        Learn how to build structures and a fire.

·        Learn basics with healthcare in order to help yourselves should it become too dangerous to enter a medical facility.

·        Do Inner Plane Work (beyond meditation).



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