Monday, March 15, 2021

The Sex Subliminal


Social media has hired trolls working to make sure ordinary folks discuss certain topics. For example, they want to put images in front of your face such as two girls looking like they're humping each other on a stage, or anything related to the sex subliminal, for that matter.

One of the most effective ways they have gotten people who are absolutely disgusted with sex subliminals to actually post them on their Facebook pages, and other social media accounts, is by getting them to be all riled up.

How did they get them all riled up? 

They just put things in the media like that Pepe Le Pew did something bad and that he needs to be banned. Or that some other character did something bad. Then ordinary, everyday people will start posting sex subliminals because they want to show how inappropriate it is for a cartoon to be banned when this sexual thing is going on. 

They don't understand they're being played. 

If ordinary folks wouldn't post the sex subliminals, there's a whole demographic of people who would never, ever see them.

Trolls are paid to make certain that you see them...and talk about them.

The average person is going to get upset, which is just a bonus. They love humans upset.

There just may be a group who realizes they're not profiting from six books by a certain author and so they decide to make it known that there's something inappropriate about these books. What better way to sell those books than to tell people they shouldn't buy them? Now this, too can be added to all the filth that is out there demonstrated by certain behaviors of singers and movie stars. Next, they get people comparing the singers and the movie stars to these six books and not only are they selling books, but they're getting the sex subliminal in front of people's faces through comparison. 

People, stop being played! Notice what you're sharing.

Recognize who you're helping and what you're sharing. ..especially when it's the sex subliminal.

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