Monday, March 1, 2021

Quarter Past the Midnight Hour


It is now a quarter past the midnight hour.  I advise you to watch the opening scene to I AM Legend.  See how the TV is communicating the excitement over a cancer drug that has cured 100% of those who took it?  See that this movie is communicating about humans that change after taking a pharmaceutical and now fear the Light?  Though I do assume many of these so-called c shots are actually saline plus specific technology, many will have the full load of ingredients that will set a human’s body up to attack itself.  How can the autoimmune dis-eased lot stop a physical attack on their country?  How can the technology-group that is physically sound but mentally controlled by AI defend Earth from non-human attacks?  How can either hep themselves?    

It is now a quarter past the midnight hour.  The entities fighting for complete control of Earth—and in my opinion AI is not wrong in deciding that AI has got this, as far as the entity point of view goes—are to kill eight million to six billion Genetic humans.  Perhaps each group has decided on individual preferences of numbers of humans to be wiped out this “go round,” and the scripts we have seen are reflecting that.

It is now a quarter past the midnight hour.  I advise you to watch Wag the Dog.  See how professionals can make you believe a country exists, a war is occurring in that country, and an American hero did a gallant deed in that country through the medium known as TV?  Is it possible that professionals can make you believe that a germ floats in the air that your useless Genetic human body cannot stand tall against it because a certain group NEED to inject something into you?

It is now a quarter past the midnight hour.  It is the moment of choice.  Whether this physical body survives this shift or not, you are choosing for ALL of you, your MultiSelf.  Become the successive human and you will identify with the imposter ray over your spirit, your Monadic Ray.  Take the vaccine.  Be fully plugged in to the program.  Or you may choose to be a light-bearer human and choose Self over Draconian technology.  We have chosen before and we chose to be Genetic humans over physicalish spiritoids.  Our choice was not wrong, just made duality very exciting overall.  The successive human will be locked away from Self even more than this Genetic human experience.

It is now a quarter past the midnight hour.  Light-bearer humans will be here reaching out a hand to you should you choose to become a successive human and somehow claim your mind later.

Good-luck and “May the odds be ever in your favor.”*

*From the Hunger Games movie.

Please see my book for more information on entities, Genetic humans, the successive human, the Monadic Ray, and the imposter ray.

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