Monday, July 13, 2015

Chem Trail Business

Well, the bad news is the elite have been pouring crap on us for at least a half a century.  The good news is, I can help you integrate at least a huge part of their attack.  I can help rid your body of mercury, allergens, and bacteria used in chem trail attacks.  Recently, I witnessed a "spraying" over the residence of Lomita.  The small plane had white, thick smoke gushing out of it.  If the smoke had been black, I would have thought the plane in trouble.  After spraying something for the length of the sky before me, it suddenly stopped.  As if the pilot pressed a button.  The plane turned and went back in the direction it came.  I was unable to stay to see if the plane returned.

Here's more:
Looking Closer at Fibers
What is this hideous junk over our house?
All photos were taken from the yard around our house
"....We do know that these polymers are of a crystalline morphology, are very friable and break into millions of small fragments in the atmosphere, are inhaled and in some cases are bio-active, causing serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin. The filaments are lyophillic or are oil soluble (upper epidermis oils melt the polymer fragments and are absorbed into the skin). 
-- R. Mike Castle, Professional polymer chemist. 
1. What is this bizarre substance over our house? 
2. Three different varieties of chemtrails having a "fibrous" appearance
3.  This fake "cloud" looks more like felt
12:25 PM12:26 PM 
A chemtrail still visible in aerosol hazeA square edged "cloud" 

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